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Running head : CRIMINOLOGYNameUniversityCourseProfessorDateIntroductionUrban gangs , violent crime and delinquent carriage all seem to be prevalent in the moving neighborhoods of major ci get outs and towns . Increased miserable activities follows a pattern that tie in it the levels of marginalization and unequal dissemination of wealth . The to a greater extent than marginalized an field of operation the higher the level of crime and the much violent its record . Such neighborhoods suffer antecedent riddles as a terminus if the crime levels . It becomes troublesome to attract hefty teachers to feat in such(prenominal)(prenominal) sweeps and the transportation network suffers as criminal elements advance passengers on the bus and sub looks . go drivers feel insecure and do not venture to such aras at night . Thi s impacts the mobility of the residents and contri only whenes to the bother of un enjoyment for those who ar expected to work late hours . Law enforcement becomes difficult in such areas as people vexation to pick up information slightly the criminals for fear of their lives . Consequently the criminal elements solve with impunity and three urban gangs develop into sophisticated criminal organizations that move through both aspect of social life Commercial activities in these areas are greatly hampered as the protection costs fray sugar margins and discour era new investment in the area . As a answer there is no meaningful discipline thus marginalizing even nevertheless the early days and residents that continue these placesGovernment workers are intimidated by the goal of violence and fear in unworthy neighborhoods and are reluctant to work in such areas . Those who do are often victims of harassment and disgust . This further exacerbates the problem of developm ent as official attitudes to such neighborho! ods are tainted by the negative perceptions and development bills are channeled to different areas where positive results can be more easily achievedIn such scenarios , the development of peer groups that coalesce nigh perceived social biases is responsible for the eventual emergence of criminal gangs . is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
These gangs are characterized by a hierarchical system that controls its affairs and they operate in geographical zones delineated as covers . intrusion of a turf by another gangs leads to violent wars and pinched killings which is cutting piffling the lives of the youths at a tender age (Rodgers , 1998 . Soci al mobility for almost of the urban brusque is hampered due to poor educational standards undesirable backgrounds and a culture that does not elevate ambition but rather accepts fate to rule their lives . most(prenominal) of the residents see criminal employment as the only way to break the stranglehold of mendicancy The youth are targeted by the criminal warlords with the promise of repetitive riches while the idealization of crime and violence attracts the youth to a life of felonious drug trafficking and violent crimePossible solutions to the problem of urban gang activity are to address the meet issues of poverty and unequal distribution of resources . For the most part the culture of crime in poor neighborhoods is as a result of necessitate . The youth in particular are foiled by the limited options to...If you want to get a serious essay, order it on our website:

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