Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Is There An Autism Epidemic

Is at that place an Autism epidemic? Problem Autism is a pervasive developmental disquiet that affects social and conference skills and in nearly cases, to a less(prenominal)er degree, motor and language skills. (6) Autism was first diagnosed in the 1940s and was expound as a very lofty dis rate with cases organism as few as friend in every(prenominal) 10 000 children (1). By the1990s diagnoses began to soar (as shown in interpret below) and diagnosis had lift to i in every euchre children. In the 1990s it was speculated that the increase was due to sealed chemicals in vaccinations such as the MMR. Approximately it is now as umpteen as 1 in 166 children who allow chuck up the sponge from autism. It is tetrad times more likely for a son to suffer from autism than a girl. (4) The number of diagnoses of autism each year has go dramatically. In only ten years its risen from one in 500 to one in 166 this heart it has tripled in the past ten years! If this rate co ntinues so by 2020 it could be roughly as common as one in every 40 children! To have change magnitude from on in every 10 000 in less then a century is what led pack to the caput; is there an autism epidemic? This report will look at test reasons and evidence both for and against the autism epidemic claim and at achievable solutions for it. What is autism?
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Autism has a massive scale ranging from proud go autism, aspergers syndrome, where high IQs are common to very low surgical process autism where communication and social skills are very poor. The spectrum is very across-the-board and no two peoples s ymptoms are the same. A person with autism ! generally prefers to stick to a set of behaviours/ modus operandi and will resist and major (or minor) changes to the daily routine. (5) What do people entrust nominated the epidemic? One theory that was thought to of originally cause autism was the refrigerator mother theory which was when autism was believed to be a behavioural response of children to mothers who failed to or displayed little affection.(8) at that place are...If you want to hold fast a full essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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