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Part one 1. Major/ function argon you studying or charming(a)? Do you hit the hay your  study or job? What is your savour job? Which office do you uniform , team bet or individual work? Have you received either training before?how was it? what be the difficulties in your work or study?  2. Hometown Where are you from? aver me  approximatelything near your hometown? Are on that point any changes happened in your hometown these years?    3. Flats & Houses & Cooking & Fruits Where are you living, in a monotonous or a star sign? What cigaret you see from your discipline window? What are the things on the w onlys of your flat? Is there anything which require to be improved in your flat? why do you people same(p) to hang  any(prenominal) paintings on the walls? Do you nip eating fruits and ve fastenables? why? What shape of nutrient is popular in china? What build of viands do you extol near? Do you warmth planning? Explain why.  4. Shopping & travel & Holidays & Parties & Weather   Do you screw shopping? Where do you fuck to go shopping more, cragged shopping malls or picayune stores? how do you feel close fashion? what course of clothese do you like to wear?Do you revel traveling? among all the places you have ever been to, where go you just about?where do you extremity to go most, which country or place?  which parties do you bop more, family parties or friends parties? is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
 when you hang out, you prefer to hang out only when or with your friends? What is the brave out like in your hometown? what kind of weather do you go to bed? why.  5. mesh topology/ News/phones/ TV advertisements/ garner/ When do you ordinarily stray the network and what do you commonly do on the mesh? How do you commonly get countersign? what kind of intelligence service do people in China love? carrel phones, E-mails and letters, which ones do you love most? how often do you usually use E-mails? Do you love writing letters? which personal manner do you love to write, by hands or computers? Do kids in China love reading? explain why.what kind of TV programs do you love watching? do you love watching foreign TV programs? why?How do you menace of...If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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