Friday, February 7, 2014

18Th Century

Class notes A. conversion- rebirth. french term. concept that there is a uncured beginning. once a golden age and it was the greco Roman mundane concern. when the roman letters world fell, italian renaissance thinkers thought it altogether went descending(prenominal) (middle ages/dark ages). renaissance thinkers thought of themselves as modern. archeozoic modern era. golden->middle->renaissance 1. The Italian Renaissance a. Renaissance b. Origins of the Commercial Revolution 2. The Northern Renaissance a. see Scholars b. Christian Humanism- focuses on biblical Identification: Francesco Petrarch, Renaissance Humanism, Medici, Johann Gutenberg Franceso Petarch. from city conjure of Florence 1304-1374 (14th century) considered the founder of Renaissance Humanism. Renaissance Humanism- intellectual movement. that consisted of both a world view and a method. in stock to umteen medieval thinkers , R.H thought that this life has value, gave life to secularism. this world placid reflect the age of godly creation. a menage of beauty. god, the creator, artist, his art is still manifested in nature. the earth, the human body=beautiful.divine authority of the divine creators. humans created in the image of God. --16th chapels, Michelangelo. in term of methods, looked for models. they chose the greco roman model. classical forms of art, literature, scholarship and philosophy. focus on world in art. Plato was famous during the Italian Renaissance, argued that Plato was a christian beforehand christ. Demijurge--> creator. artist. ad fontes-> to the spring. to the source. relay to original sources Patronage funded Renaissance artwork. Guilds. church construct (Papacy very prominent). Wealthy --> Banking family called the Medici. Medici in charge of the largest banking family in europe. because of the wealth, they influenced the governmental science f lorence republic. frequent in christian art.! dynastic prestige. diagonal save supported renaissance...If you want to get a broad essay, baffle it on our website:

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