Thursday, February 7, 2019

Hockey, My Life :: essays research papers

The hockey feisty that I played three years ago for the championship has been one of the greatest events of my life. That game was one of the best achievements that I have reached in my life. E truly single chair in the arena was taken. It was difficult to happen upon the noise the cheering fans, couches talking to the players, players chatting to each other, etc. The arena was reinforced to muffle the sound of 1000 people, but that afternoon it was similar a sponge that couldnt absorb anymore. Being under so many eyes, brought twain fear and motivation to me. This game was unlike other games to me. It was not honest regular season game, it seemed like a war for me and I wished to get down out of this battlefield with victory. I thrilled to accomplish something so phenomenal as to surpass a record, I was stubborn to be person unique the "Great One" was. I knew everybody would play their best to follow the game and trophy. Once the game started I clenched my hand ni gh the hockey stick and told myself that I have to win this game no matter what happens. The hushing sound do by the skates on the ice was very annoying, but I tried to forget about it and put vitamin C percent efforts on my game, my "War". When I got the puck bunch of players I began advancing with extraordinary speed, like a jet. The opponent players were rushing toward me like I was their worst enemy. Even though I was fully " fortify" but still it was thrilling to stand there get osseous against the glass like a lemon. Bruises from the last game had already made every part of my body sore getting his by the vicious puck was enough to take of that matter. But I didnt care I wanted to win and touch that trophy. The feeling of having my hand wrapped roughly the stick gave me more confidence. I was lucky to make some emblematical moves and this caused the crowd to roar. It seemed the stick was a person that I could rely on. The sense of smell of compact air in the arena and the taste of sweat falling from my nose to my mouth made me feel a little piece dizzy, it gave me the feeling of being in vacuum. There were less than two legal proceeding left to the end of the game and I could see the victory respectable before my eyes.

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