Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Images Of Light And Darkness I :: essays research papers

In his play, Romeo and Juliet, Shakespeare weaves a timeless tale. Although it is over four hundred years old, Romeo and Juliet, is as interesting today as it was at its beginning and my guess is that its appeal lies in its subject matter.Shakepeare picked a theme thats been whopn to cause indigestion and sleep loss for centuries. And yet, regardless of the ills associated with it, it rest a topic of worldwide interest. And that is simply, love. My mother produces that love is angiotensin-converting enzyme of the close overused, misunderstood words in the incline language. Over time, Ive asked friends what they ruling it was. Ive always received differing answers. Its when he opens the door. Its when she does the laundry. Its that thing that causes insanity. It doesnt exist. It existed only in the middle ages. Its what everyone is inquisition for and no one can find. Forget ab push through it.Merriam Websters collegiate Dictionary (Tenth Edition) defines it as 1. (1) stron g affection for another rising out of kinship or personal ties. 2 warm attachment, enthusiasm, or devotion. 3 unselfish loyal and benevolet concern for the good of another. 4 to thrive on. sacred masters say that love is all there is. They also say in order to truly know something, one must know its opposite. To know hot, one must experience cold. To know sorrow, one must have known joy. To love, one must hate. (Or at to the lowest degree come pretty damned close to it.) Without drabness, one cannot appreciate light.Professors of English say that the greatest writers are those who can hook their readers. Those who can urge on a story forward. Divide and contrast. Divide and contrast, they say. Friction produced by opposing forces creates great drama. Shakespeare is a great dramatist.In Romeo and Juliet, Shakespeare opens with a prologue that basically outlines the wide play. After finishing line fourteen, the reader isnt required to relate reading because he/she knows the out come. Shakespeare has given the reader the end. There really is no reason to read on. And yet they do. The reader continues because Shakespeare was a genius at creating dramatic tension. In Romeo and Juliet, he uses two main vehicles to do so. ane is the theme of love (Romeo and Juliet) versus hate (The Montagues and the Capulets). The other is the theme of darkness and light.For purposes of this paper, I will look briefly at the use of light and dark imagery as it is associated with the two main characters, Romeo and Juliet.

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