Sunday, March 24, 2019

The Cause of the Potato Famine Essay -- Irish History, Starvation, Dis

During the Irish Potato Famine between 1845 to 1849 (McCarthy 88), single gazillion people died within five years and an additional two one thousand million emigrated to other countries (Ireland). Even today Ireland has non completely recovered from this emergent loss in population (Potatoes). Although many blame this horrendous event on the governments use of Laissez Faire Economics, the real cause of happening was the people. The population loss, famishment, and diseases that resulted from the Irish Potato Famine were self- inflicted by the Irish peoples upcoming decisions to the event. Ireland was not of any interest to other countries, and in response these countries did not aid Ireland in its time of dire need. Countries had no concern in Ireland because it was an area of minimal development for industrialism (McCarthy 87). Also, Ireland had an absence of protection from invasions from other countries (McCarthy 87) one discernment for this being that it is an island. Moreover, Ireland had an undeveloped amount of raw materials (McCarthy 87), which did not blow up interest of speculation from others countries. Due to these two main factors, there was no investment in Ireland (McCarthy 87), which made the country isolated and unattended when process was needed. When the Potato Famine attacked Ireland, it mainly simulateed the western countries (McCarthy 88). The majority of the starvation was from the less wealthy regions of the country, such as Bonegal down to Cork (McCarthy 88).These areas main food source was only potatoes because they were a cheap and easily adult crop. In other parts of Ireland, where the land was mostly pastures or a planted with a different variety of crops, hunger did not affect the people as intensely... ...t. Therefore, the government gave help to its people, so the blame should not be on the government for eventually putting forth an feat to help the situation. They had the right to see if the free market would work itself out, because concord to the philosophies of Adam Smith, that would have been the expected result. Irelands poor planning in creating their lives around one crop economically and politically resulted in a much larger downfall than what could have occurred. Previously, in 1741 Ireland had a afflict killing 250,000 people (Irish Potato Famine, Barnhill), only hike up proving how unprepared they were when the 1845 blight attacked even with the knowledge that something like the famine would occur. In all, Irelands forthcoming decisions in how to economically run their country, was the primary reason the Irish Potato Famine hit them so hard.

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