Thursday, June 13, 2019

Multicultrual Teaching Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Multicultrual Teaching - Essay ExampleThis is because those who are recognized as the minorities within the nation have far exceeded the once perceived bulk of the whites. For example during the period of 2006, around four states of United States were experience a majority of the minority population including the 75% of the minority that that were residing in the area of HawaiI (Landis, 2012, p.22). Due to this change in the structure of the population, organizations from different industries need to accept novelty in order to operate successfully and benefit from elements that come with such a diverse population size.Multicultural societies experience immense challenges and these challenges are horizontal experienced by teachers in the educational institutes of United States. Teachers in these educational institutes need to be culturally competent in order to cater to the inescapably of a diverse population of student. Cultural competency refers to an individuals ability to deal with people from different cultures. In order to become culturally competent, teachers in the United States need to undergo training and develop knowledge, skills and abilities that are necessary to teach a multicultural class room. Culturally competent teachers are those who realize the differences in cultures of students and then design their teaching patterns accordingly to help students from different backgrounds in gaining better understanding of what is being taught. They need to accept and view the differences among these students in order to provide them with facilities which help them learn.In order to teach a multicultural classroom, teachers need to implement various strategies in order to hold the barriers created by multiculturalism and to promote learning and development of all at the same time. In order to teach a multicultural classroom, teachers need to provide team based assignments comprising of team members

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