Thursday, August 29, 2019

Development of Multimedia Resources Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2000 words

Development of Multimedia Resources - Essay Example From the discussion it is clear that  the idea of the activity is to promote and polish the English language in children, focusing more on writing. According to the National Curriculum, students should be able to use wide-ranging vocabulary, structure and organize events, demonstrate the use of a coherent structure in writing, bring about variations in the text according to the situation illustrated, convert ideas into textual form. The learning resource will help the student to become better at creating imaginary worlds, understand text and use their background knowledge in relating the text with the older situation. Moreover it would encourage students to comprehend that texts having similar topics present information in various ways or may contain different information. The resources will also promote the concentration ability of the students.As the study  stresses it needs to be emphasized that these objectives are not represented individually in each activity; rather listeni ng, reading and writing are integrated in the activity.  The Powerpoint presentation is intended for students and hence needs to be colourful in order to appeal to them. The design of the template is Oriel from the themes provided by Powerpoint 2007. The font selected was Comic Sans MS since it has an informal look to it. Pictures are added to give more effect to the learning resource.  The students will be given a list of words and they are required to make funny sentences.   The words can be displayed in attractive colours and in colourful frames. The words are going to include cry, flying, floating, soap, my, goals, load, try, coat, croak, sky, toast, boots, night and dry. Children are encouraged to use rhyming words in the sentences. An example can be given to illustrate the point e.g. â€Å"I've got a cat who sits on a mat and he wears a hat† (BBC Home 2011). There are 15 words in total. They can be divided into three groups since making 15 sentences can become ted ious for the children. 2. Identifying sentences Students can be given a list of sentences and can be asked if it is a sentence or not. The slide will first explain what a sentence is: â€Å"A sentence is a group of words that makes sense on its own. It must have a verb and it must start with a capital letter and end in a full stop, exclamation mark or question mark† (BBC). The slide will also give an example of what a sentence should be like, highlighting the capital letter, verb and the full stop etc. E.g. He likes to study mathematics. Anne

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