Monday, September 9, 2019

Crown Cork Summary Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Crown Cork Summary - Research Paper Example The Crown Cork was established in 1892. The founder of the Crown Cork is William Painter. The company took the right turn towards success back in 1892, when the founder of the company came up with a new and much better way of packing beer and other soft drinks than the ways that were in practice in those years. The company first invented a cap for the bottle of SuperEnd beverage. The vision introduced by Painter brought an altogether change and revolution in the industry of bottling. Six years after its establishment, in 1898, Painter introduced the syruper-crowner into the industry, that was the first ever foot powered machine. The machine increased the efficiency of the bottle filling and capping system manifolds. Using it, an operator was able to fill and cap as many as 24 bottles in just one minute. Business flourished a lot as Painter sold more and more crowning equipment. The retailers appreciated the innovative bottle filling and capping device. Since then, many other products have been developed by this company. Although the company took a wonderful start with the popularity of its bottle packaging method, yet Crown Cork was genuinely fortunate to have excellent leaders one after another throughout its tenure since 1892.

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