Thursday, September 12, 2019

Winston's advertising Term Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1500 words

Winston's advertising - Term Paper Example Advertisements involve a number of techniques to attract consumers. Some advertisers focus on a particular age group and design the advertisement on their perception about what the people of that age group would like to see (Haase, 1931 pp 67-80). On the other hand, other advertisers use a different approach to target their customers. They make up a plan to target their customers by dividing them in the gender groups. Some also target the customers using a cultural diversification approach and target people belonging to a particular culture. There is a wide range of techniques which are used to target audience for different products. The common theme of those advertisements is the use of texts and visuals to attract the customers. Designing an advertisement campaign for children would require the marketers to use cartoon characters, colourful pictures and creative art work to attract them, whereas, such an advertisement would fail to grab the attention of professional people to sale machinery or equipments. Hence, the use of symbols, language and illustrations is of immense importance in targeting audience and increasing sales. This paper aims to analyze the advertisement of Winston Cigarette. The advertisement under consideration is published in various magazines like Popular Mechanics, Times Magazines and so on. The advertisement targets the teenagers and males aged between 20 and 30. The symbols, metaphors and textual details are all attractive to the male counterparts of these age ranges. The Role of the Media Used: The advertisement is published in Popular Mechanics magazine November 2004 (p. 41). Magazines are a great source of profit for the companies as they help in gaining and retaining customers. People like reading magazines in their spare time and go through the creative advertisements and try to avail the best product in the available resources. Moreover the promotional campaigns make the most of magazine advertisements which allow the consumers to avail their desired product with favourable packages or discounts. Magazine advertisements further help in directly targeting the target groups. For instance, if a business requires a marketing plan which is mostly encountered by children, children magazines and books may be successful in achieving this goal. Hence we can say that magazine advertisements are highly targeted to the desired population and may reduce the likelihood of being unsuccessful. If the advertisement is not creative enough to capture a large population it is still safe as it will reach to the targets view. The next advertisement may help reducing the losses of the existing marketing campaign. The advertisements by media are very important to get the message of the manufacturer to the consumers. Semiotic Analysis The semiotic analysis is helpful in evaluating the success of advertisements in capturing the attention of consumers by the use of symbolic and textual information. The symbolic features of an advertis ement also give some information about the product. The advertisement under consideration carry many features that worth an in depth semiotic analysis. Firstly the advertisements contain eye-catching pictures and excellent colour contacts to grab the attention of the consumers. The advertisement has made use of different font styles and sizes to make it look more unique. The use of font sizes and styles greatly depend on what the advertiser really wants to tell the customer and what is necessary or obligatory to include but not desired by the advertiser. The advertisement is designed for the marketing of Winston, a cigarette brand. This advertisement involves more textual features than the visual ones. It contains a number of creative and clever sentences that provide a sense of winning and uniqueness. Underneath the product image in this advertisement are the words â€Å"Additive free – Naturally smooth†. These tricky words do not mean that it is safe to smoke these c igarettes or they are not

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