Thursday, October 17, 2019

Managing Communications, Information and Knowledge Essay

Managing Communications, Information and Knowledge - Essay Example As the discussion highlights one of the leading corporations in UK is Tesco, and Tesco has been dominating the retail sector for decades. The key drivers of achieving the level of success for the retail giant are based on its excellent operational philosophy that is among the core competencies of the company. In order to ensure appropriate coordination among the widespread outlets of Tesco, the store managers have to monitor the operational needs at every outlet so that the customers are provided with an amazing shopping experience. The store managers and customers are the main stakeholders of the organisation who are an important part of its business efficiency.This paper stresses that  the store manager is the person who has the requirement of having quick access to the latest information about the market trends and the satisfaction level of customers with the store’s products and service offerings. The store manager also needs to ensure that all the work procedures are co mmunicated in a clear and an unbiased manner to all the sales staff of the store. Presently, Tesco has availed the system development offering of Cisco and has implemented an entire network of IT system in accordance to the demands of the firm. The system is updated frequently by IT experts and all the information is collected and stored in the database. The managers may constantly need to review the data to make different types of decision for the store and hence this system is very useful for the managers in retrieving immediate information.

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