Sunday, September 15, 2013


Origin of Microstructure Metallographer: Basic understanding of fundamental of ferrous lascivious surfacelurgy. of ferro ph metall Basic tenet of ferrous physical metallurgy prop. of sword & whorl iron controlled by microstructure & chemical composition chemical composition. -Solid substance be Amorphous & Crystalline. -Space lattice, unit cell,3 types of crystal structure. Constituent- make up of phases that derive in a x-tics conf in a microstructure. Phase- homogenous &physically diistinct portion of a d metal The Iron The Iron-Carbon Phase Diagram Phase Diagram A map of the phases that are stable ( or metastable) at a given temp. & Carbon contents in equilibrium conditions Microstructurerelates to the overall structure, as th observed in metallurgical microscope which take after upon up of 2/3 phases. Phases are building blocks of respective(a) constituents which make up microstructure which effects the props. like Hardness skill toughness ductility macha bility Hardness, strength, toughness, ductility, machability , formability . Basic 3 phases in stigma as ferrite , austenite & cementite. -Austenite- bunk to 2%C & within temp. 726-1495 °c -Cementite.- single compound of 6.67% C up to 1227°c -Ferrite count as i) delta ferrite 1394-1538 °c ii) alpha ferrite--

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