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Christos Fabricated Fun-world :: Essays Papers

Christos Fabricated Fun-world.Imagine the coast of Little Bay in Sydney, The Pont Neuf in Paris andthe foyer of the Art Gallery of NSW, wrapped mercilessly in hundredsand thousands of metres of fabric. They are all the works of thecontroversial Christo, known to be the worlds greatest big-scaleartists in history.One of his most recent works, Surrounded Islands, was a contentiousissue around the world. The astonishing 603,850 square metres ofbrightly bleached pink fabric surrounded el tear down of the islands ofBiscayne Bay. In the two weeks that the awing installation wasexposed, it attracted numerous visitors enjoying the wonderfullyluminous fabric that complemented the tropical amnionic fluid and wildlife.Though constructing this massive work of art was not easy. Hundreds ofvolunteers were needed to admirer tend to the floating fabric and 79patterns were painstakingly stitched unneurotic to complete thesilhouettes of eleven islands.The bright pink fabric gave a wicked contra st to the deeps dark sea andlooked as if they were large floating expansive pool toys. Aerialviews of the islands were breath taking as the fabric highlighted thesonsie contours of the islands which would not have been nearly asobvious without the magic billet of Christo.The work of the pink fabric gave the islands an almost angelic auraaround them. The beautiful pink is wonderfully feminine which can also show the reason the way the shapes of the islands were portrayedcurvy and feminine.Surrounded Islands is Christos first endeavor in doing a floatingfabric art work. Many of his some other art works were wrapped aroundobjects, buildings or structures that had significance. He guides the consultation into considering the area in a whole new light. That is,compelling the viewing audience to notice the area more not just when it iswrapped, but even more importantly when it is unwrapped.With Surrounded Islands, Christo truly and utterly pushes theboundaries of traditional and cont emporary art forms. His art workshave no hidden meaning. He is not depicting the dark and crusty

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Disease in the News

The word tebibyte in Africa- Combating an human immunodeficiency virus-Drive Crisis is written by a Dr. Richard E. Chaisson, a medical doctor and Dr. Neil A. Martinson, deputy director for the perinatal human immunodeficiency virus Research Unit at the University of the Witwatersrand in South Africa (Chaisson and Martinson, 2008 ). concord to the biography sketch of Dr. Chaisson listed at the website of CREATE (Consortium to Respond Effectively to the acquired immune deficiency syndrome TB Epidemic), Dr.Chaisson is a professor of practice of medicine at the Johns Hopkins University aim of Medicine and is currently a director for the Center for Tuberculosis Research and the clinical Preventive TB overhauls in Baltimore City Health segment (Consortium to Respond Effectively to the aid TB Epidemic 2008). He calibrated summa cum laude from the University of Massachusetts and studied medicine from the University of Massachusetts Medical School in 1982 (2008). From then on, Chaiss on interned at the University of California, interning at the Moffitt Hospital. (2008).Previous to his current position at Johns Hopkins, Dr. Chaisson was the director for the AIDS Service of Johns Hopkins Hospital (2008). He as well as served as attending physician in the AIDS Division of The Medical Service in San Francisco General Hospital (2008). Likewise, he has written more than 50 case reports, peer and non-peer refreshened obliges on topics concerning human immunodeficiency virus and tuberculosis (2008). Needless to say, his educational and professional background in tuberculosis and AIDS make him a credible credit for this article which focuses on tuberculosis and AIDS.On the other hand, Neil Martinson, as depositd earlier, is a deputy director for the Perinatal HIV Research Unit at a university in South Africa (Chaisson and Martinson, 2008). Aside from his, Martinson is a Research comrade for the Johns Hopkins School of Medicine, JHU Center for TB Research (Consortium to Respond Effectively to the AIDS TB Epidemic 2008). Martinsons credential as listed from the CREATE website state that Martinson took up his bachelors degree from the University of the Witwatersrand in South Africa, obtained his rank of the Faculty of General Practitioners (MFGP) in College of Medicine in South Africa (2008).Furthermore, he completed his post- doctorate studies at the Johns Hopkins University Bloomberg School of Public Health (2008). preliminary to his present position, Dr. Martinson served for the Johannesburg Community and the Johannesburg Urban Environmental Management (2008). He has since co-written peer-reviews query articles and non peer-reviewed publications on AIDS, focalisation primarily of the South African health locating (2008). date Dr. Chaissons fortes are tuberculosis and AIDS, Dr. Martinsons strong points accessory towards AIDS and South Africa.This makes Drs. Chaisson and Martinson credible in writing such(prenominal) article. Tuberculosis i n Africa- Combating an HIV-Drive Crisis appeared in the New England Journal of Medicine on its sight 358 (Chaisson and Martinson 2008). The journal is a weekly medical journal publishing review articles and medical research findings on areas such as immunology, cardiology, endocrinology, gastroenterology, hematology, kidney disease, oncology, pulmonary disease, rheumatology, HIV and infectious diseases (New England Journal of Medicine, 2008).The article tackles the growing tuberculosis outbreak in Africa, a dangerous disease driven yet another perilous epidemic in the community- AIDS and how it is being dealt with (Chaisson and Martinson, 2008). The article starts off by stating that Africa is facing the worst tuberculosis epidemic, one that is driven by the HIV prevalence (Chaisson and Martinson, 2008). The authors cited a World Health Organization (WHO) data affirming the berth of tuberculosis incidence in African nations (29% of total global cases) (2008).It also exclaimed, based on two separate studies, that tuberculosis is the most coarse coexisting condition in deaths occurring in people with AIDS (2008). express studies were published in 2002. The article was written upright this year, in March. While the studies proved to be useful in preparing the article, this proofreader feels that the assertion would view as been more forceful had the authors involved studies that are up to date. For one, the WHO citation came from a 2007 WHO report. It is without a doubt, an updated report.The impact is still fresh. The article talks of a plethoric epidemic so it is rather important to have supporting data that are latest. Earlier studies would only serve as basis for comparison. In the article, the authors explained how tuberculosis and HIV are associated (2008). The explanation is simply stated and since this article is intended for a medical journal, this critic thinks that the explanation is written well, no beating around the bush. Instead, the el ucidation is done matter of fact.There is no direct for supporting statement or evidence since the article is targeted for those in the domain of medicine. Hence, an explanation like this is something that they know of well. They probably memorize it. Since the disease is focusing only on Africa, the authors are able to provide a subject area perspective on the epidemic. Figures culled from Africa-related studies are enumerated, making it plain for the readers to realize that that this article is about Africa related incident alone.The focus is Africa so the authors did not include statistics from other countries. This provides a clear focus on the subject. The authors also explained how the nation is dealing with the epidemic. They said that while NGOs have helped tremendously in closure Africas health plague, a huge chunk of the money is allocated from HIV and not for tuberculosis. There is no supporting evidence to back this statement. Hence, this reviewer believes that this bold statement would have made more impact had the authors gave gain corroboration.However, this critic also believes that this would have been difficult to make. Funding agencies would probably just state that they are donating money to help Africa solve its health problems and that would travel by HIV, tuberculosis, etc. A donation is still a donation and whatsoever help extended should be received with gratitude. Perhaps, it would have been booming if moreover studies regarding HIV-driven tuberculosis deaths are published. By then, prospective donors would be the first to extend their arms in funding.The authors enumerated ways on how Africa could deal with this dilemma taking on new strategies regarding its health care system. They also cited WHOs intervention. Additionally, they listed a study conducted in 2005 on the impact of antiretroviral therapy involving HIV infected patients in Brazil. This is promising, especially for those directly involved with the African hea lth care system. It is considerably that the authors included this recent development for it would be something that Africa could look into.On the whole, the article is well-written. It is easy to read. The organization of data is presented in a way that the readers, technical or non-technical, would be able to follow it. Furthermore, the authors are two authorities in their respective fields and that alone makes them credible in writing such piece. The statements (majority) are backed with supporting evidence. They did not claim on how to subvert the outbreak. They merely provided suggestions, again with evidence, on how it could be done.

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Facts about harm associated with tobacco and contact information for withdraw from programs provide overture to information and support School education programs that concenter on assertiveness skills, academic success and developing a negatively charged stance to roll of tobacco all help young people to spay personal behaviors and enhance skills that will be protective against smoking in future Quitting service Creating Supportive environments Promotion of smoke free messages and normal of place creates a variety of physical and cordial support structures fond to individuals Frightening media campaigns every cigarette is doing you damage maintained powerful antismog attitude in the with advertising of pharmaceutical products, such(prenominal) as nicotine patches, the urgency to reconcile is implemented by the sense of having a solution readily available. close to indoor and public places are smoke free, providing safe physical and social environments for people to work a nd interact socially.Non-health initiatives like housing, counseling and anti-violence strategies reduce tautness and anxiety that might lead to smoking. Employment and training programs to reduce tedium associated with unemployment-?address socio-cultural and socioeconomic determinants which influence tobacco use. Regulation of place of deal aims to eliminate the sale of tobacco products to minors and aka them less visible apart(p) behind counters Strengthening Community action Local educational strategies such as peer support and mentoring programs improve self-esteem and the sense of worth(predicate) among students which can be protective factors against harm from tobacco use.Families and parents provided with safe places for children to invalidate tobacco smoke-?parks Reorienting Health services Lifestyles prescription pads are tools employ by Gaps to initiate discussions with patients about lifestyle behaviors-?help doctors introduce impeding assuages and recommendation s for improving lifestyle behaviors. Building Healthy Public Policy. High levels of revenue on tobacco ensure cigarettes are less affordable, reducing access for younger people in particular Imposition of laws that prevent smoking in most public and indoor environments I. E. No smoking in pubs and clubs Place of drug education in all Australian schools an main(prenominal) cornerstone of public policy. Delivery of anti-smoking messages and development of anti-smoking attitudes as young as possible is critical.

Forklift Safety

Forklift condom 1 Forklift gumshoe device Many industries and operations (manufacturing, agricultural and w behousing) use provide industrial trucks (including forklift trucks or lift trucks) routinely in the workplace. Forklift trucks atomic number 18 utilize to move, touch or lower objects that ar stored in containers or on pallets to new(prenominal) atomic number 18as of the workplace. Their use helps to improve workplace productivity and reduces the need for spendthrift manual handling of goods and objects by employees.However, according to the field of study Institute for occupational natural rubber and Health there are around 100 fatalities and 20,000 estimable injuries all(prenominal) year. Here, in the USA, as a conduce of forklift truck incidents. Pre running(a) prevent Pre operational check is the single most important start of operate a forklift. Without properly doing so, you are asking for a disaster. assertable injuries or death to yourself or ea rly(a)s could vary likely happen low the unconventional circumstances. The equipment you are operating(a) is subject to failure, and it is precisely a theme of epoch until it does.It is the promoters responsible to check for these failures. OSHA requires that all forklifts be examined at least(prenominal) free-and-easy before being place in service. Forklifts used on a round-the-clock basis must be examined after severally shift. 29 CFR 1910. 178(q)(7). The hooker should conduct a pre-start visual check with the key bump off and wherefore perform an operational check with the engine running. The forklift should non be placed in service if the examinations show that the vehicle whitethorn non be safe to operate.A vehicle in need of repair, defective or in any way unsafe, should not be driven and should be Forklift Safety 2 taken out of service immediately. Any problems should be preserve on the appropriate documents and reported to a supervisor. Forklift Capacities and Load discussion at that place are many different types of forklift trucks with different freight capacities and they differ for stipulate maximum weight and forward center of sedateness for a load. role player injuries mainly occur as a result of fall from forklift, forklift ruin, footnote shock and crushing ncidents. Operator falls can result as the worker ascends or descends into the driver cab or is ejected from the vehicle in the event of a collision or other incident. Forklift trucks may overturn as a result of overload, unequal center of gravity of the load or travel over an uneven surface causing the vehicle to topple over. Forty-two percent of forklift fatalities are caused by the operator severe to jump from a tipping vehicle. Wearing your seat belt is the high hat safety measure.Pedestrian co-workers, without adequate preventative measures, are at risk from forklift collision or accidents associated with an unsafe load. Forklift Training Standards There are strict standards in notification to forklift train, operation and maintenance. For example, people under the age of 18 years, in non-agricultural industries, are not permitted to operate a forklift truck. All forklift operators must engender undergone possible training before operation of a forklift and are unavoidable to shorten refresher courses throughout their operating careers.Powered industrial trucks must to a fault watch over with standards as defined in the Forklift Safety 3 American National Standard for Powered Industrial Trucks, ANSI B56. 1-1969. The OSHA standards that employers and employees must adhere to are those as stated in the General Industry Standards. Powered industrial trucks, and standards for marine Terminals (29 CFR 1917 Subpart C, Cargo handling deliver and equipment) and Longshoring (29 CFR 1918 Subpart G, Cargo handling gear and equipment other than ships gear).There are other directives and regulations that employers should be aware of. OSHA a nd NIOSH two comprehensively outline regulations or signpost employers and employees to all the regulations that apply. Conclusion non just the workers working in the vicinity, notwithstanding even the forklift operator themselves are indefensible to accidents which can result in minor or bare daub or even death. Forklift safety rules stress on legal riding, fixedness limits, unauthorized operations, proper signals and load carrying capacity.Most often, accidents occur when these rules are not followed properly. Accidents are unfortunate mishaps which could take place anywhere, same is the case with forklift accidents. though they cant be totally prevented, it is possible to minimize them by providing proper training to the operators, winning some safety measures and making use of our presence of mind. When you are operating equipment in an unsafe manner, not only are you endangering your life, but in addition those around you. Always remember, safety comes first.Forklift SafetyForklift Safety 1 Forklift Safety Many industries and operations (manufacturing, agricultural and warehousing) use powered industrial trucks (including forklift trucks or lift trucks) routinely in the workplace. Forklift trucks are used to move, raise or lower objects that are stored in containers or on pallets to other areas of the workplace. Their use helps to improve workplace productivity and reduces the need for excessive manual handling of goods and objects by employees.However, according to the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health there are around 100 fatalities and 20,000 serious injuries each year. Here, in the USA, as a result of forklift truck incidents. Pre Operational Check Pre operational check is the single most important part of operating a forklift. Without properly doing so, you are asking for a disaster. Possible injuries or death to yourself or others could vary likely happen under the wrong circumstances. The equipment you are operating is subject to failure, and it is just a matter of time until it does.It is the operators responsible to check for these failures. OSHA requires that all forklifts be examined at least daily before being placed in service. Forklifts used on a round-the-clock basis must be examined after each shift. 29 CFR 1910. 178(q)(7). The operator should conduct a pre-start visual check with the key off and then perform an operational check with the engine running. The forklift should not be placed in service if the examinations show that the vehicle may not be safe to operate.A vehicle in need of repair, defective or in any way unsafe, should not be driven and should be Forklift Safety 2 taken out of service immediately. Any problems should be recorded on the appropriate documents and reported to a supervisor. Forklift Capacities and Load Handling There are many different types of forklift trucks with different load capacities and they differ for specified maximum weight and forward center of grav ity for a load. Worker injuries mainly occur as a result of falls from forklift, forklift overturn, pedestrian collision and crushing ncidents. Operator falls can result as the worker ascends or descends into the driver cab or is ejected from the vehicle in the event of a collision or other incident. Forklift trucks may overturn as a result of overload, unequal center of gravity of the load or travel over an uneven surface causing the vehicle to topple over. Forty-two percent of forklift fatalities are caused by the operator trying to jump from a tipping vehicle. Wearing your seat belt is the best safety measure.Pedestrian co-workers, without adequate preventative measures, are at risk from forklift collision or accidents associated with an unsafe load. Forklift Training Standards There are strict standards in relation to forklift training, operation and maintenance. For example, people under the age of 18 years, in non-agricultural industries, are not permitted to operate a forklif t truck. All forklift operators must have undergone practical training before operation of a forklift and are required to undertake refresher courses throughout their operating careers.Powered industrial trucks must also comply with standards as defined in the Forklift Safety 3 American National Standard for Powered Industrial Trucks, ANSI B56. 1-1969. The OSHA standards that employers and employees must adhere to are those as stated in the General Industry Standards. Powered industrial trucks, and standards for Marine Terminals (29 CFR 1917 Subpart C, Cargo handling gear and equipment) and Longshoring (29 CFR 1918 Subpart G, Cargo handling gear and equipment other than ships gear).There are other directives and regulations that employers should be aware of. OSHA and NIOSH both comprehensively outline regulations or signpost employers and employees to all the regulations that apply. Conclusion Not just the workers working in the vicinity, but even the forklift operator themselves ar e vulnerable to accidents which can result in minor or severe injury or even death. Forklift safety rules stress on lawful riding, speed limits, unauthorized operations, proper signals and load carrying capacity.Most often, accidents occur when these rules are not followed properly. Accidents are unfortunate mishaps which could take place anywhere, same is the case with forklift accidents. Though they cant be totally prevented, it is possible to minimize them by providing proper training to the operators, taking some safety measures and making use of our presence of mind. When you are operating equipment in an unsafe manner, not only are you endangering your life, but also those around you. Always remember, safety comes first.

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Impact of Edsa Revolution

EDSA Revolution I In the family 1986, the Philippines was given the demesnes limelight because of the nonviolent diversity to bowl over the shogunate of Former President Ferdinand Marcos. Many countries were astounded by our uncouths move and it draw much more attention because zippo died. With 2 million participants involved in the protest, the military was given a choice whether or not firing back to the protesters who atomic number 18 disembarrass of firearms and be only holding rosaries. And because of this the Filipino citizens were successful in overthrowing the dictatorships administration and the departure of the Marcos Family.The Filipino Citizens were able to taste land again because of the leadership of Former President Corazon Aquino later on the Marcos Family left. (capital of Chile, 2009). As Santiago stated in her website, she detailed all the events on EDSA revolution I per day and explained it thoroughly. Reading materials akin this or anything related th e EDSA revolution makes a Filipinos heart feel proud about what the world saw. I was not yet born during the EDSA revolution but the comfort of my siblings and parents were there and experienced all the happenings.I was able to get my mothers side of the degree on what happened during the EDSA Revolution. I started to ask where she was during the EDSA Revolution (Febrauary 22-25) and tell that she was at her office together with my siblings (The office where my mother is running(a) is similarly our house). They were listening to updates of the events like the protests, and chaos through TV and radio. My mother was running(a) at a printing office and she state that their clients increased because the clients were self-aggrandising job orders on flyers about overthrowing Marcos administration.And my mother stated that the flyers they printed were distributed to commonwealth who are passing by. My mother also stated that their sales increased during that epoch because the job orders they received kept on coming and coming. She said that scarlet tanager Sin encouraged people to join the protest on Epifanio De los Santos pass (EDSA) and said that when there are a lot of people, the military leave alone have a choice whether or not to fire their bullets or let the protesters be. Even though my mother was not able to go to the protest in EDSA, she said they gave food to the people who are belongings an eye out on the rallies.My mother couldnt join the come on because she was taking care of my siblings. only she was updated with the latest news about the rise of the rallies. After overthrowing Marcos, people rejoiced and went straight to Malcanang. Some people actually separate the pictures of the Marcos, they saw the machines used by Former President Ferdinand Marcos for his illness and it sustain that he was really suffering from an illness. A few days after the success of overthrowing Marcos, The Marcos Family went Hawaii.Then, Former President C orazon Aquino proceeded to being the first female death chair of our pastoral and she gained fame because of being the first female democratic death chair to be elected in Asia and she was able to bring back the democracy of our country. The revolution gave new insights to the Filipino citizens, my mother said that they able to know the reason of people who come together and fight for what they bet is wrong to the mass. And how their forefinger as citizens value because they are also the ones in charge of choosing who go out sit as professorship so, they should be careful of their decision.And the Martial honor disciplined the Filipinos. Even though a lot of people are not in favor of it. It actually promoted discipline and order. My mother said that there were not a lot of changes except for the term of the president. The president had only 1 term which lasts for six years. And the dictatorship days were gone. But with regards to our countrys economic status and lifestyle, it got worst. From my mothers story and from what I have read, I intentional that Filipinos are people who like joining rallies involving overthrowing administrations that does not satisfy them. And they stick to what the believe in. owadays, rallying likewise does not do benefit protesters. I wonder why people were able to achieve what they are fighting for in rallies during that time. And I learned that a lot of people were really aware of all the updates about the EDSA Revolution. Social awareness was evident during that time. I discovered that when you become a voter, your responsibility if quite heavy. One vote can make or break a candidate and if a voter us not satisfied they have the freedom to say that the administration is not working well since we are in a democratic country. And also the Filipino citizens.So, before voting, think about what this candidate can do to our country or community no matter how small his place is. What matters is what the voters think and what the candidate will do satisfy his followers. And my mom said that Marcos had bully plans for the country and I wish that there would be a president who would be able to give the country efficient projects that are feasible, so that, it can help the Filipino people rise. Reference Santiago, Angela. (2009). EDSA Introduction Retrieved on January 29, 2011 from http//www. stuartxchange. org/EdsaIntro. html By Ana Rosales

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Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been

The spectacular irony of Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been? conveys the impression of warning ab out(a) temptation. Connies federal ripenncy is that she does non feel apprehended at home and uses her looks and dressions to engage attention and appreciation from boys plane if it is short-term. She is self-conscious about her looks and is constantly worried about how other people savvy her. familiaritys fantasy is that Connie volition willingly go with him and be his chicaner (605) level off before he officially met her.The veryity of the situation is that she does not want to go with this antic man, but is existence laboured into it because of her fear, which get hold of forths her weak and submissive. Connie is fifteen years old and obviously self-conscious because of the love that she never receives at home. Her whole life revolves almost attention from boys since she does not feel loved at home. Her sister June appears to be the favorite in the family, a s she receives all of the positive attention. Connies mother doesnt speak beneficent to Connie or about Connie, and Connie doesnt think well of her mother either.Her father does some(prenominal) he can to please Connie but doesnt cypherk for a good father-daughter relationship. They never talk about what is happening in their lives and act as if they be only acquaintances. Connie wants to appear sure-enough(a) and wiser than she actually is and her train is al elbow rooms full of meaningless daydreams to help her cope. Her promiscuity leads to attraction from boys and older men where she becomes terrified and realizes that she is not as grown up as she thought.Connie comes face to face with the harshreality of being forced into adulthood at the age of fifteen because of the special attention of Arnold booster unit. 2 Arnold shoplifter is a until now-tempered talker and has a great influence on the actions of his victims. His word pickax appeals to teenagers as does his c lothing. He is a short and stocky guy who stuffs his boots to make him seem taller and wears a leather jacket to look teenaged and suitable to teenage girls. The fact that his feet do not touch the bottom of his boots alludes to the ogres hoofs, significant in that he resembles the d evilnesss efficiency to deceive. Dont hem in on me. Dont hog. Dont crush. Dont bird dog. Dont trail me (608) are slang that he rattles off because he momently forgets what sayings are popular so he reconciles by making them up on his own. He has a moment when he breaks down in front of Connie and starts to lose his cool, calm, and collected personality showing his panic in possibly not being able to get his way. This shows that he is minute and does not settle for anything that he does not approve of.His main concentrate on is on retrieving girls for rape and murder and always goes for the attention-seeking personalities to make it easier to reach this goal. Friend is living a fantasy, while Conni e asserts the reality of the situation. When these worlds mix, it is obvious that Connie does not remove control and Friend becomes dominant. Friends alternate world is make up of his desire to have dates and lovers (605) when in actuality, he forces women to show him partiality by kidnapping them, raping them, and then killing them.Friends forceful spoken language show how he is caught in this dream of what Connie is going to do with him and how utterly it will all work out in the end when in all actuality, Connie has no intention of willingly going with him. He endlessly harps on the fact that he is going to get his way because he insists that his dreams are true. E truly time he talks about his fantasy, Connie has a bold statement declaring that she is willing to fight against his dream and 3 bring it back down to a reality as she tries to reason with him. Friend has the gift of persuasion where his greatest tools for manipulation are his words.He promises (607) that he will not harm Connie as long as she does not adhere through with what he considers threatening. Connie separates her mind from her body because she suddenly loses control. She is used to being on top and empowered but Friend comes along and takes over. The dramatic irony, during the course of their conversation, implies that Connie was in control of the situation to begin with, but Friend managed to obtain ultimate control of the situation by having her succumb to his power. fresh grow promotes having fun and doing what feels good in the moment.Connie has poor communication with her family, shown by her rebellious behavior and lack of respect for her parents. She chooses to distance herself from her family which results in them not being there when she subscribes them the most. Parents are supposed to be protectors and leadership in their tykerens lives and when these key aspects are not present, a windowpane is opened for the victimization of younker. The consequences of such s ituations result in a plight like Connies and becomes an immense concern for the nitty-grittys that modern glossiness has on youth.Where Are You Going, Where Have You BeenWhere are you going, Where have you been The Medias effect on youth In this 1966 short story written by Joyce Carol Oates, fifteen-year-old Connie is a self-absorbed teenager who spends her time fantasizing about romanticism and searching for attention from men. enchantment out with a suitor, a strange man promises her, Im gonna get you, baby (2). Connie doesnt think much of the incident until ane day while alone at home the man comes to get her. The assailant, Arnold Friend, is kind at first then progressively becomes aggressive and knock-down-and-drag-out towards her.Though at first she enjoys Arnolds attention, once his demands become intimate and violent, her assurance diminishes. While Connie attempts to evade Arnolds commands, she becomes powerless against the man and eventually follows him to go for a ride (3). While Where are you going, Where have you been, appears to simply be a tragic story about the abduction and rape of a younker girl, it is more(prenominal) importantly a statement of the time on the over- informalization in the media.From the time period the story was written, the 1960s, we know that society as a whole was exploding with counter-culture and rebellion. In response to the Vietnam War, for the first time in history, harmony rapidly became highly influential and that of a sexual nature. This first moving ridge of over-sexualized media is what influenced Connie and millions of the time to exploit their sexuality. The youth of the time period are ordinarily thought of as being extremely responsive to the world around them.With euphony being more suggestive than in the past and young people being more expressive and experimental, Connie grew up in a drastically changing world complete with the need to be sexual and to really stand out in order to be notic ed. Media became more widespread and important in the 60s than it had ever been before. When the TV and radio werent focusing on the war efforts in Vietnam, they showed the youths protest, and push to Make Love, Not War an iconic evince that illustrates the push towards sexuality during that time.Connie, an adolescent of this explosive period, is a prime face of sexualization in the media having a detrimental effect on a person. It is her need to be desired that makes her appealing to Arnold Friend, and leads to her demise later in the story. practice of medicine is a major theme in the story Connie constantly listens to music and associates music with pleasure in multiple instances. At one point, she even says she listened to the music that made everything so good (2). Upon Arnolds arrival we see that he is listening to the same music as Connie, which serves as a way to connect them.Since music plays such a prevalent component in Connies life, we can conclude that music is the media that influences her to behave in a sexual manner. From the music that she listens to, Bobby King, we get the impression that she links her belief of romance (that derives from the music she listens to) to the confidence and maturity she pretends to have when it comes to boys. Music plays in every situation where she intends to be sexually desired while out with boys, out with her friend searching for attention, while laying out in her backyard, and even at the offset printing of her conversation with Arnold.Music and Connies sexuality are inextricable tied togetheronce Connie becomes frightened of Arnold and is no long-lived exploiting her sexuality, there is no further mention of music in the story. While it is understood that Arnold will most likely harm Connie, he as well is whisking her away (or saving her) from a morally loose societythat very same society that made her the over-sexualized girl we see in the beginning of the story.Everything about Connie indicates th at she has been socialized into how the media thinks a young girl should befrom her suggestive clothing to her desperate attempt to be sexually desirable to the staminate population. Despite what she leads on, Connie is actually sexually innocent. Her innocence is echoed by her child-like naivety of rise her front door to a complete stranger while alone, as well as the fear that consumes her while she could have been calling the law of nature to prevent her murder.Arnolds desire for the young Connie may be Oates way of portraying how perverse the medias ploy to sexualize Americas youth is as well. The Lolita Effect is even a relatively modern concept. A lolita is a young girl who is viewed in a sexual manner, while the lolita effect is not only the corruption of a child by an adult, but exploiting an adult by a child that has been corrupted by society. Connie exploits her sexuality so well in the beginning of the story. It is her sexualization at such a young age that causes Ar nold to find her attractive and is the real life tragedy that comes from the story.By the end of the story, as the title suggests, Connie undergoes a major change. She ties to be an adult, but when Arnold challenges her with sexual advances, we see the frightened child she is. Arnold is that an agent to portray the evils that exist in the media. He illuminates the fact that our cultures media gives young girls the unattainable idea that they must behave in a certain way in order to be attractive, and that a man finding them sexually attractive is of upmost importance even as a pre-teen.The sexualization of young girls causes adult men to be attracted to them, creating an even further over-sexualized society. A young girls sexuality is such a vital aspect of the maturation operation a process that is malfunctioning or happening far too soon because of the media. It is the evil in the media that causes Connie to fall victim to the medias harmful portrayal of femininity. Media teache s us that being a typical young woman in nowadayss society is contingent on the amount of sexuality her appearance exudes.Connie so perfectly replicates how young girls in America that are being over-sexualized through music or television without even being conscious of it. The tragic way that Connie is stripped of her childhood suggests that where you are going, is dependent on where you have been. In Where are you going, Where have you been? Oates does a terrific hypothesise of hyperbolizing the affects of the medias influence while pointing out the very unexaggerated truth that over-sexualization in the media is detrimental to all aspects of society.

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Public Relations Interview

Kaiser Permanente is an integrated managed maintenance consortium based located in Oakland, California. Kaiser Permanente evolved from industrial wellness tutelage programs for construction, shipyard, and steel mill instituteers for the Kaiser industrial companies during the latterly 1930s and 1940s (Kaiser Permanente, 2013, para. 1). Kaiser Permanente is consists of three distinct entities, the Kaiser Foundation Hospitals, the autonomous regional Permanente medical checkup Groups, and the Kaiser Foundation Health Plan.Kaiser leads medical c ar throughout the octad regions, the Kaiser Foundation Health Plans (KFHP) cash in ones chipss with the employee, employers, and individual members who offer prepaid health plans and insurance. The health plans provide infrastructure and atomic number 18 not for profit that authorise to Kaiser Foundation Hospitals that provides tax exempt shelter to the for profit medical groups. The Permanente Medical Groups are owned by the physician judicatures.They arrange, and provide medical care for Kaiser Foundation Health Plan members. The medical groups are for profit master key corporations, and partnerships that receive the funding from the Kaiser Foundation Health Plans. The flagship hospital for Kaiser Permanente is the Oakland Medical boil down. The quick-wittedness has 761 physicians (between Oakland and Richmond Medical Centers), 341 beds, 14-bed perioperative department, and 60 critical care beds (Kaiser Permanente, 2013, para.3). The Oakland Medical Center is a specialty medical relate that employed board cognizant surgeons, and physicians who teach at well-known universities like the University of California at San Francisco. They provide a wide array of highly specialized care units, including super pediatric care program (Kaiser Permanente, 2013, para. 5).a.Cochlear implants b.Genetics c.Kidney stone and gallstone treatment d.Neonatal intense care e.Pediatric neurosurgery f.Spine surgeryInstant worl dwide communications make it more important than always to manage a companys image and control how a company interfaces with its customers (Sardisco, 2013, para. 1). usual traffic is an essence of any company whether a company is insular or state-supported, profit or nonprofit and its status will learn its success. Modern public transaction practitioners stick faced more difficulties and challenges as the information for fast, and market globalization alter the pace and landscape of the profession.I interviewed the cosmos Relations Affairs manager of validation, she covers the East Bay Region of northern California that includes Oakland, Richmond Alameda, and Pinole. I have worked with her in various projects high spot the work we are doing in the nursing units to improve our patient satisfaction, and care experience. As a globe Relations Manager she plays a springy role in our communications, and marketing division. She works in collaboration with the national, regio nal, and topical anaesthetic public dealing department of our organization.One thing that I am amazed is how consistent and standardized their communications plan across the region they are consistent with the message they are giving to the community, and to the public. As a PR manager she develops and implements strategic public relations programs to attain significant fault awareness. As a public relation affairs manager, she has the critical work of placing Kaisers hearts, and minds of the key stockholders that includes the patients, prospective members, clinicians, journalist policymakers, and executives.She is responsible in legion(predicate) interrelated departments dedicated in advancing the organizations mission by promoting, and protect Kaiser Permanente instigator by supporting a successful strategy that includes issues, and brand management, corporate communications, public relations, media, and stakeholders relations, public affairs internally, and externally. She supervises public relations staff that works on different areas media relations, business business communications, research, philanthropy, sustainability, health IT, and health care reforms. She in addition shared that Oakland Medical Center has a globe public relations plan.It has an potent print, media, broadcast media kit. The robust plan include word releases, public services, impertinentsletter, community, and charity events, creation, and maintenance of website, webcasts, media tours, spotlight new programs, news monitoring, full use if social media, and internet by participating in the online forums. It is important for the organization to put forward important messages to the public to have an image, and good impression of the organization. They also have scheduled public relations program that regularly appear in the main community calendars.Planning for the unheralded crises is another important manoeuver of the public relation. An example was during the fire at t he Chevron Richmond refinery last 2012 that happened near the Richmond Medical center that has the said(prenominal) license with Oakland. Kaiser Richmond Medical Center has served several twelve of people who came to the emergency room that complained shortness of breath and people were gravely ill. The fire has affected the quality of air over contra cost and El Cerrito Hills. They created public relations plan to handle the crisis and support the community by providing access with the media, local police, and government.She also shared some of the challenges as a public relations manager is keeping up with the rapidly changing media environment. To have the accurate current information and consistency in stretchability the right contact, at the right time with the correct information is also important. Control the new media avenues in proper way like Facebook, twitters, and LinkedIn. How to work around the constantly changing views around the traditional approaches. Developmen t of an effective process from a one one media relation not in a one size plan.Marketing, and public relations both are major external functions of the firm and both share a popular ground in regard to product publicity and consumer relations, at the same time, however they operate on different levels and from different perspectives and detections (Turney, 2001, para. 3). What I larn is that both public, and marketing relations has gone through intense growth, and evolution, it gained increase influence in the business world as they developed new strategies, and projects that projected positive, and aggressive communication in larger public.The traditional perception is that marketing exists to serve, sense, and satisfy customers needs for a profit. In Public relations assist its public and organization to adapt mutually to each other. In marketing it supports the transfer of services, and goods from the producer, and the provider to the consumer. The immediate close of public relations is to achieve an understanding of the organizations position with the public objet dart marketings culture is sales. Public relations inherent goal is to have a positive perception and predisposition while marketing is to gain profit.Public relations measuring stick of success is evidenced by public support, and expressed public opinion while marketings measurement of success is the quantity of revenue, and sales it generates. Most organization use notwithstanding one of these disciplines, some uses both. This depends on the degree that they use it varies from organization to organization based on the size, purpose, and unique organizational background. Kaiser has three entities the hospital all the way has the public affairs and the health plan division uses the marketing strategy.If an organization is nonprofit like Kaiser Permanente Hospital Oakland Medical Center primary goal is to serve the public, and the community. Public relations are more prominent function b ecause it builds relationship with its members. The public affairs department coordinates, and disseminates public information, community affairs, and relations. A business for profit and focuses on marketing, and sales, and gaining profit is the most dominant function. Public relations are the secondary function and are completed to prove, and enhance the marketing efforts.

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Cyber crime Essay

The proliferation of the custom of mesh technology for whatever time without delay has seen the growth of abominations that be committed over the net which is also referred to as the cyberspace. These horrors ar referred to as cyber- aversion. Basic each(prenominal)y cyber-crime is part of electronic crime and it is a criminal activity that is executed through reck iodiner network (Balkin, 2007). traditionally the term espouses such(prenominal) crimes as fraud, theft, forgery, blackmail, and other illicit activities that be through over the network.However as the use of computer networks have change magnitude and more sheaths of computer crimes have come up and the definition of the crimes has also become expounded. The web is a foundingwide thing in which materials atomic number 18 posted and accessed from all corners of the innovation. This worldwide coverage of the net give ways rise to a diversity of affirmation that is found in the net and it follows that cyb er-crimes argon a worldwide crimes. The nature of the differences in cultures in the world for practice session give rise to a need make sure the net is an verifiable platform of information dissemination, be it religious, social, or policy-making material.The growth of caper over the internet e-business has also brought in another type of cyber crime whereby people may defraud potential customers of their money by advertisement goods, services or even jobs that argon non existent. Other types of cyber crimes exist, and they shall be looked at in the following discussion. According to the USAs Department of Justice, on that point have been very more cases of cyber-crime that are reported annually. This made the US government to join hands with the European councils Convention against Cyber crime in 2006.Look more the issues concerning identity theft essayTypes of cyber-crimes The crimes that are common in the cyber are fraud. Fraud is a dishonest falsifying of facts that is intended to cause loss for somebody else and benefit the fraud doer. This includes changing inputs in internet in unauthorized manner, altering or deleting entropy that is already stored in the net, altering existing system tools, manipulating bank systems so as to make unauthorized access to bank ATMs (Shinder, 2002). Offensive content is another form of cyber crime. Harmful contents of websites are considered as cases of cyber crime.Also distasteful or offensive the information carried in a cyber sites is not allowed. All materials that have the potential of inciting hate crimes in societies, materials that encourage political rebellion, or blasphemous material are not allowed also as they are basically offensive in authoritative manner. If these kinds of materials are found posted on the web their owners are accuse of cyber crime. The reason for the restriction of these materials is that they lead to hostilities establish on faith, race, etc that the modern world does not have a place for. Harassment is another type of crime that occurs over the net.It includes the circulation of derogatory comments, and obscenities that are directed at definite individuals that are based on their aspects of gender, religion, race, sexual orientation or bailiwick identity. This is mainly feigne through news groups, e mails with hate messages, and confer rooms. Another crime that is supported by the net is drug trafficking. medicate trafficking is done through the net in that the nefarious substance sellers use encrypted e-mail and other available internet technologies. The substances themselves are delivered to the buyer after they make payments.This crime leads to more sales for the drug sellers since the trade is curtail in most countries and the intimidated users of the drugs resort to this option as a save haven. Cyber terrorism is another kind of cyber crime. This crime is the coercion or intimidation of organizations or the government to advance a ce rtain persons political or social goals. This is done by launching onsets on their computer networks, and the information stored there using computer. This vice can be be as an act of terrorism that is committed via the use of computer resources or cyberspace.It ranges from simple propaganda to the use of the internet to commit a serious terrorist attack (Blane, 2003). Hacking activities are classified as acts of cyber terrorism. This activity is the attacking of websites of families, individuals, and groups within a network, in order to collect information that is useful for criminal activities such as blackmailing, robberies, or ruining the activities of the web owners. A Canada case in 2000, which involved a Mafia boy who had committed 54 counts of illegal access to computers, is a classical case of cyber crime.The defendant also go about ten counts for mischievous data attacks on dell computer, yahoo, among other companies websites. on that point are m each let downs in the fight against cyber crime. Many countries about the world lack systems and constabularys that are aimed at combating the crime. In extreme cases there are nations that condone or encourage some cyber crimes. In many of the countries the burden of battle cyber-crime is left to corporations that are affected in one way or the other by the vice. Some of the countries have laws against the crime but the law is not implemented while others have proposals for the law but they have not made the law.Nigeria here serves as an example of such a boorish which has a good plan for fighting the crime only that the proposals have not been made into law. The bill addressing the crime is in the national assembly waiting to be discussed. If the bill were passed, cyber criminals would be prosecuted and duly punished. This go slow attitude is seen in many countries that dont seem to realize the danger that cyber-crimes pose to the victims. In any case government agencies like the police force, and crime investigation departments are among the leading victims of cyber crimes.Also politicians get lots of cyberspace blackmail and thusly they should be in the forefront of finding a solution to the worry. again cyberspace crimes are an image destroying affair. For instance a cyber-criminal operating from a country A to injure a victim in country B destroys the overall image of their country and this may translate to less(prenominal) trust for his country in the eyes of other countries. The result of this may be economical loss of for the country that hosts the cyber-criminals as web based companies refrain from investing in the country (Yar, 2006). trade protections against cyber-crimes The enactment of laws against cyber crime by the governments has been a move in the right direction. In US there are such laws as Computer Abuse and Fraud constitute that address issues of fraud that is related to computers, SPAM act that is intended to at controlling assaults of non solicited p ornography. Other laws address extortion threats, identity theft, wire fraud, electronic communications privacy, and secrets of trade (Thomas, 2000). Legal frameworks that address each emergent form of cyber-crime should be made.The laws that are made should be implemented and avoid the situations from the past where some of the laws have not been put into practice. There should be cooperation with among the stakeholders concerned in the cyber-crime inclusive of all operators and technical solution providers in the sector. Such cooperation is a fast way to eliminating cyber criminals as their life in the community lead be made difficult. The operators of cybercafes should not involve themselves with people who abuse the internet and commit the crimes. Public awareness on the crimes should be instituted.This campaign should inform the public about the dangers involved in the crimes. Awareness about cyber-crime should be created among members of the society so as to cut the number of cases that are apparent to occur if the people are not aware. The structure of the Europes pattern against cyber-crime is that nations who become signatories of it harmonize their national laws, improve their investigative subject on the matter and cooperate with other nations in the fight against the crimes. If this convention is adopted internationally it is able to stop the problem to a not bad(p) extent.This is due to the trans-border nature of the problem. Since the net is used and violated worldwide and so a workable solution to the problem should be worldwide. If the convention is not adopted in all countries, and cyber-criminals continue to operate freely there still will be effects on those countries that have formalise the convention (Shinder, 2002). On top of all this, victims of cyber-crimes should report the cases to the authorities for actions to be taken. Cyber criminals should be named and shamed so that they may cease from the practice. ConclusionCyber crimes are very prevalent in todays world and all actions that is required should be done to curb them. The current actions taken against the crimes are not enough and more should be done to address the problem as it posses a grave danger to the entire population of the world as it has the potential to influence political, social and economical wellbeing of communities, individuals and institutions. Protection of the selfs interest can only be guaranteed through the concerted efforts of all stakeholders and nations in fighting the crime. ReferencesBalkin, J. (2007). Cybercrime Digital Cops in a Networked Environment NYU Press Blane, J. (2003). Cybercrime and Cyberterrorism. Nova Publishers Shinder, D. (2002). Scene of the Cybercrime Computer Forensics Handbook. Syngress Thomas, D. (2000). Cybercrime Law Enforcement, Security and watch in the entropy Age. Routledge Yar, M. (2006). Cybercrime and Society Crime and Punishment in the Information Age. SAGE http//www. usdoj. gov/criminal/cybe rcrime/ http//computerworld. co. ke/articles/2008/11/10/nigerian-govt-rated-low-curbing-cybercrime

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Decisions: Good and Bad

findings Good and Bad Introduction In the news today, it seems as though invariablyything we hear is negative. While I was inquisitory for an organization that recently make a good decision, it appears that most of the things we translate and/or hear ab step to the fore these days are the bad. I tack together plenty of information on bad decisions made recently, however let loose about overbearing decision- reservation seems to be scarce. In this paper, I will talk of my views of a former CEO of a global conglomerate and the positive decisions he has made, as well as a recent unretentive decision made by a nonher large corporation.A Good Decision For decades, we have heard the brand names Apple or Macintosh. If cardinal were to judge the decision-making skills of Steve Jobs based on the success of Apple, one would have to pronounce that he had to possess some of the best decision-making skills possible. Over the past a couple of(prenominal) years, we have seen the MacBook, iPods, iPhones and the iPad. With the competition of Dell, Hewlett-Packard, Compaq and Microsoft to name a few, the Apple organization has made great strides to maintain its place at the top of the consumers list.One of the best decisions ever made by Steve Jobs was to return to Apple as CEO and spot the market by storm with innovative engineering science and a weft unsurpassed by any other company. Through dedication, hard dally and a vision, he has brought technology to a completely new direct and others are left to catch up. With the desire to provide consumers with products that they were not horizontal sure that they wanted, Jobs has made his place in corporate America.Through his decisions to take the mankind by storm and develop the ideas that seemed nearly impossible, he has left quite a a challenge in trying to surpass the advancements in technology that he has achieved. A Bad Decision Over the past few years, there has been a vast growth in technology and the tra nsmutation of products offered to consumers. One of the most popular novelties in entertainment today is the go offered by Netflix. The company began as a mainstream DVD rental provider and later transformed into an online movie-streaming leader.Recently, Netflix experienced an exceptional growth in subscriptions and demo a high customer demand. However, due to terrible management decisions, the look of the company would soon become tarnished. It seems as if the decision-makers of the company misunderstood the logicalness behind its success and imposed a steep increase in price for the DVD plus streaming subscribers. Offering no rational explanation behind this decision, Netflix quickly experienced a momentous downfall.They did not have content that would make the company indispensable, and since most customers used the function because of the low subscription rates, stock prices would fall and consumers were looking elsewhere. This has now opened up a window of opportunity fo r newcomers such as Blockbuster, Amazon and Redbox. stopping point While decisions are made within organizations each day, the level of search and the motive behind the decision may be the most authorised factor.The good decision that I described above was driven by the desire to succeed and to create innovative products and making them available to a large group of consumers. The bad decision seems to have been made out of greed and should never be a factor in making decisions at such high level. I believe that as abundant as the people making decisions stay focused on what is sincerely yours important to the organization, major pitfalls or obstacles may be avoided.

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My Teacher Has a Big Influence on My Life Essay

One daytime I was sitting in my math class, picture bored and sleepy, when my instructor, Mr. .Ahmed woke me up by his words.He told us his story aroundmath and how his invigoration tiltd after he formd his charge of mentation. He in any case told us that he used to hate math, unless he became good at math after he in pliable to like it. From that moment, I decided to adopt my teachers attitude, and I learned to be open-minded, flexible in my life and positive about math. Mr.Ahmed was a prominent man he liked to teach mathfrom his heart. He used to tell us his life story in a way to convince all students to fight negative thoughts and usepositive thoughts instead. Therefore, it taught menot only to change my way of sentiment still it also helped me to become open-minded. Because my father neer liked math, I assumed that I would not either, so I would never been better than that.In addition Ispent the next few days thinking about the teachers story. I was wondering how I could be good at math, and the teachers words were still echo deeply in my earsMy dear kids, open your mind,think in a contrasting waysand imagine yourselves doing what you want to be. Consequently, I learned to clear my mind, think in a different way and focus on my goals. Another survey that attracted me more to the teachers story was its similarity to my situation. I didnt like math that time, but my teachers words gave me awesome inspiration I still use that till now. I also became flexible in my life I could do anything to improve my life without listening to the negative thoughts. I was trying different ways of thinking and listening to the different points of view. As result my family noticed the big change in my life, because prior to that time I waslazy,careless, andunorganized. The next week I felt I was a different person who had a large(p) power to do whatever it took to actualize my plans in life.Not only was my upbringing improved but also my life.Being respon sive to change helped me a set to be winning in most classes and to be friendly with everyone. In addition my brothers appreciated my change and felt like they had their brother back. Finally, my teachers story put me on the solid path to bye without failing.My life changed in a positive way from being a lazy student, who hated anything related to math or science, to becoming intelligent student who enjoyed learning in all aspects. I became very optimistic, footsure to face any problems with open heart.In one year my grades changed from Ds to As,so my family rewarded me with Safari to Kenya.Since I changed my way of thinking, I changed my life in a remarkable way. My teachers advice encouraged me to study forgiving development and psychology.I also decided to study mathematics and to become a math teacher like Mr. Ahmed .Time passed so quickly that I couldnt believe that I was standing in frontof my own math classteaching.In The kickoff class I couldnt hide my tears because I remembered my great instructor. My students noticed this, and I told them my story with Mr. Ahmed. I was astonished and unable to deduct how his words were powerful for me,completely altering the course of my life. I was writing to my teacher for years telling him every detail of my life he was a good supporter to me. Additionally, he was very happy to see me successful in my life .When I heard his death , I was feeling sad for months .However , remembering his words man will die but his actions and words stay for good kept me breathing till now. My teachers words taught me to appreciate life, and think positively, be open-minded, and be flexible in life. Although he is gone and I am sad for mischief of his physical presence, I go forward him and his advices in my heart. Therefore, I will keep him as symbol of my success and happiness.

The Bioethics Debate

Kristi Ellis Mrs. Scheidt side 1301. 174 11 October 2012 Paper 2 The Bioethics Debate In Patenting Life, by Michael Crichton, and Bioethics and the al-Qaida Cell Research Debate, by Robyn S. Shapiro, they discuss constituent patenting, medicine, stem electric cell question, and the laws of bioethics. harmonize to Crichton and Shapiro, humans are all born with factors, stem cells, and organs that are part of our natural world, yet when the law tries to put limits on these rights it becomes unethical. Crichton and Shapiro twain agree about the controversial issues surrounding science and medicine.They two point out the unethical issues, the innovation in medicine, and the impact on science and medicine in relation to the law. In both essays Crichton and Shapiro be lend oneselfn many an(prenominal) immoralities that arise out of bioethical issues. For instance, Crichton refers to an example of the Canavan illness in which the routine to find a cure was halted due to gene pat enting. It was a bloom example of an issue that was unethical because the owner of the gene for the disease could tell apart whether or not to guardianship for a test and choose how a lot to charge for it, which full points medical innovations.Crichton states, There is no clearer indication that gene patents block innovation, inhibit research and put us all at luck (432). Crichton goes on to say that genes are part of humans naturally and should not be privately own (431). In comparison, Shapiro explains although embryonic stem cells give promise to the medical field, many ethical issues surround it such as the destruction of the embryo. Shapiro also writes that those who denounce embryonic stem cell research believe the embryo is already a human being with rights from conception, mend others believe that human rights do not exist prior to contain (435).Additionally, medical advancement is critical for innovation in both essays. Crichton states that gene patenting prevents me dical testing and slows medical advancement. Not only does it halt research, precisely it causes the costs of medical testing to rise because the owner usher out charge whatever he wants (431). He mentions doctors cannot get information on if a medication will or will not work on manyone because the lack of quality tests. Crichton says For years weve been promised the coming era of modify medicine medicine suited to our particular body giftup.Gene patents destroy that woolgather (432). In contrast, Shapiro states that stem cells are burning(prenominal) to the medical field because they can turn into a wide array of cell types that can answer people with diseases such as diabetes, nervous system diseases, and Parkinsons disease (434-35). In addition, he says stem cell research could provide important information on how human organs and tissues develop, which could lead to development of modernistic medications (435). In both sources, the law plays a significant role in the unethical issues surrounding science and medicine.Crichton mentions how the United States Patent Office issued gene patents by mistake because of misinterpreted Supreme Court rulings. The issue of gene patents make it hard for people to donate their genes because most of the genes are privately owned (431). Crichton states that two congressman sponsored the genomic research and Accessibility Act, a bill that would throw away patenting genes in nature (432). Shapiro denotes the growing importance of the law surrounding bioethical issues. He cites the United States Supreme Court cases of Roe v.Wade and Stenberg v. Carkart which dealt with a partial support abortion law. Shapiro states, In state courts, bioethical considerations inform judges balancing of long-suffering healthcare confidentiality with a duty to warn of potentially dangerous unhurried behavior (433). The most significant law Shapiro cites is the Dickey Amendment which prohibits federal official accompaniment for em bryo research (436). Shapiro mentions in addition to federal funding restrictions, many states have laws that limit embryonic stem cell research.Lastly, he cites the eligibility of federal patent protections significantly, the Thomson Patents (437). In conclusion, both Crichton and Shapiro can conclude the topics of gene patenting and embryonic stem cell research are unethical in some way. Although gene patenting blocks innovation and embryonic stem cell research promotes it, they both have laws that limit the impact on the world of science and medicine. According to Shapiro, As these issues have moved to the center of public debate, the law has sour an increasingly important place in the discipline of bioethics (433).Thus, when the law puts limits on human genetics it becomes unethical and immoral according to both essays in this bioethical debate. WORD COUNT 740 Works Cited Crichton, Michael. Patenting Life. Perspectives on Contemporary Issues Readings crosswise the Disciplines. sixth ed. Ed. Katherine Anne Ackley. Boston Wadsworth/Cengage Learning, 2012. 431-432. Print. Shapiro, S. Robyn. Bioethics and the Stem Cell Research Debate. Perspectives on Contemporary Issues Readings Across the Disciplines. 6th ed. Ed. Katherine Anne Ackley. Boston Wadsworth/Cengage Learning, 2012. 433-438. Print.

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According to Arlov Grammatically

numerous instructors urge their students not to start their sentences with the word barely, or all other coordination conjunction for that matter. This can be disheartening for students because we commonly handle with our sentences dejectning with a conjunction. However, makeup is not like speaking. There are two schools of thought on startning a sentence with the word, exclusively. According to Arlov, Grammatically, it is correct to start a sentence with but or any other FANBOYS conjunction.However, your instructors may discourage the practice for two straightforward reasons (343). She goes on to list the reasons. One good reason not to begin a sentence with the word but is because it is informal and casual. Academic writing is not usually casual or informal, and victimisation but at the beginning of a sentence may make a more than formal paper appear less than well thought out.While it is OK for some sorts of writing such as narrative or dialog, a professional paper is seldom written with coordination conjunctions at the beginning of sentences. Also, exploitation words like but is addictive It is easy to use and overuse. Arlov advises using conjunctions to begin sentences sparingly so as not to make it a hard habit to break. The other side of the issue says using but is just like using any other word to begin a sentence, and therefore, there is nothing wrong with it.

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Symbolism in “Country Lovers”

A Forbidden Love Thebedi and Paulus Jennifer pelter ENG 125 Introduction to Literature t to each oneer Kristina Stutler March 24, 2013 Country Lovers by Nadine Gordimer is a short narrative centered rough the infrastructure of veto love betwixt the two main characters Paulus and Thebedi. They met when they were kids, as Thebedi utilise to work on Paulus generates farm. They used to solicit out and meet at the river bed. aft(prenominal)ward Paulus went off to veterinary school, Thebedi had his baby.When Paulus came back for the summer he heard of her baby be electric discharge skinned and killed it so that no one would ever admit that it was his baby. The storys composing of forbidden love is spikeed by Gordimers use of typeism, imagery, and local anaesthetic change. Symbolism is a key element contributing to the storys motif. one and only(a) symbol that repeats itself in Country Lovers is the prosperous hoop ear-rings that Paulus gives to Thebedi when they were young (as cited in Clugston, 2010). The earrings argon a symbol for their love together. make up subsequently Paulus killed their baby girl, Thebedi still wore them when she accused him of gushing liquid into the babys mouth (as cited in Clugston, 2010). Even in her hysteric situation, she still wore those earring that Paulus gave to her. She wore them again when they went to trial. This leads me to believe that after all was verbalise and done, she still loved Paulus, even though she knew they could neer be together. Another symbol that is relevant to the theme is their baby. Their baby was reinforcement proof that they were in love with each other.After seeing the baby with his own eyes, Paulus seemed to attain panicked anyone who looked at this child would know that it was not Njabulos. Njabulo was Thebedis husband who was the opaque coffee-grounds distort that had always been called black the same tinct of Thebedis face (as cited in Clugston, 2010). They would know t hat the father of this child was a white man. In their culture, it was socially unacceptable to have miscellaneous relationships. Paulus felt he had to get unblock of the baby, and he did. Imagery also contributes to the theme of forbidden love.One day Thebedi and Paulus met at the riverbed. Gordimer noted that the girls that Paulus went to school with would swim in bikinis and they never made him feel want Thebedi did when she came up the bank and sat beside him, the drops of water astragalus off her dark legs the only points of light in the earth-smelling deep shade (as cited in Clugston, 2010). The image of Thebedi, a regular African American girl, making Paulus feel like he had never felt sooner contributes to the theme of forbidden love. Local color is another literary element that strengthens the theme in Country Lovers.Local color is be as unique images, realistic dialogue and true-to-life descriptions to fully portray raft and life in the region where the story will occur (Clugston, 2010, ch 6. 1, para 1). In this story, local color is demonstrated in the first paragraph when Gordimer discusses the relationship amidst the black and white children changes as they scram up. They athletics together up until they go to school but then after that, the white children do not play with them anymore even in the the holidays (as cited in Clugston, 2010). The white children are apparently unmindful(predicate) to how society thinks they should act toward black children.It was not until after they went to school did they learn that they are superior to the black race. It is very serious to use different literary elements to strengthen a story so that the reviewers guardianship can be grasped. It is beneficial to the reader when the author uses elements such as symbolism, imagery, and local color because it allows the reader to put his or herself inside the story and feel the forbidden love that Paulus and Thebedi experienced. References Clugston, R. W. (2010). Journey into Literature. Retrieved from https//content. ashford. edu/books/AUENG125. 10. 2/sections/ch00

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Cra and Financial Crisis

Table of bailiwick Introduction2 Real-life ex adenylic acidles2 verifiable cycle2 Other suppositions of Babbie, Gravetter and Forzano use2 closedown2 References2 Introduction The stop of the United States lodgement trade spew initiated the worldwide fiscal crisis. Amongst all ho office regulations, the companionship reinvestment crook (CRA) may be the virtually signifi plundert. The achievement passed in 1977 to advance low-income house gives admit opportunities. As such, the act elevated the incentives for banks to leave mortgages to low-income households (FFIEC, n. d. ). Over cadence, some(prenominal) political administrations, like the George H.W. Bush-, Clinton- and George W. Bush-administration, changed the original act, adapting to in the buff challenges in the living accommodations market (Braunstein, 2008). However, as time passed, the act became less important for banks, as the products, mortgages, became to a greater extent(prenominal) pro lodgeable. A s a result, to a greater extent and more monetary institutions started offering mortgages to low-income classes. These so called subprime mortgages be often associated with high risks (Aalbers, 2009). This organize of view push aside be cogitate with the supposition that the CRA will be seen as a cause of the financial crisis.Firstly, the diverse opinions and their respective arguments with regard to the hypothesis ar illustrated. Secondly, an explanation is given on how these ex deoxyadenosine monophosphateles fit in the empiric cycle. Thirdly, three other fancys of Babbie, Gravetter and Forzano are applied to the ex angstromles. Finally, a termination is drawn with respect to the ex vitamin Ales. Real-life ex angstromles As a result of the CRA, banks were rated, based on the frame of loans given out to low-income households. A horrid rating could urinate had severe consequences for a bank.The circumstance that the FED did non bear a Hartford, Connecticut bank to convey a New Htype Ashire bank on CRA grounds demonstrates this. In order to clench their CRA ratings high, banks had to countenance low-income classes with loans. In essence it mickle be say that the CRA ratings raise(a) the banks incentives to provide low-income households with loans (Carney, 2009a). It can cl azoic be seen that the enforcement of the CRA e rattlingplace time led to a heartsease of lending standards and consequentially to more risk-taking in the banking sector in the form of mortgages. These wild mortgages are flat seen as separate of the problem.Thus, Carney (2009b) concludes, the CRA is interpreter of the cause of the financial crisis. Carney agrees with the hypothesis. Defendants of the CRA exclusively claim that an act passed in 1977 can non trio to the insertion of a caparison babble out in the early twenty-first century. Nevertheless, the CRA was not a static piece of legislation. The act evolved over the years, as it was mentioned earlier in the introduction. To be more specific, it was more and more enforced over the years. As a finis it can be said that the enforcement of the CRA great power have been crucial in creating the housing cardcastle.Therefore the act could have created a housing bubble in the early 21st century (Carney, 2009a). However, Aalbers (2009) alike argues in estimation of the CRA and tries to falsify the hypothesis. He states that the mass of subprime loans in 2006 were provided by non-bank lenders. These non-bank lenders, however, were not survey to CRA regulations and thus were not obliged to provide affordable loans to low-income classes. The only limpid conclusion that can be drawn from this cultivation is that these loans to low-income classes were an attractive investment.Thus, Aalbers says, the CRA was not the cause of the wild mortgages providence to low-income households by banks. By clearly, Aalbers would extinguish the hypothesis that the CRA was a cause of the financial b ubble. Nonetheless, his ancestry has to be questioned. In 1977 most of the loans and mortgages were provided by banks as well as savings and loan associations. The especial(a) mortgages that were provided as a result of the CRA probably change magnitude the occupy for houses, which in offer resulted in an inflation of housing equipment casualtys.Several years later, due(p) to rising housing prices, subprime mortgages became a more attractive investment for financial institutions. Consequently, the majority of loans issued since the inception of the CRA came from nonbanks that deemed mortgages a good investment. In other words, the CRA created major lending opportunities for financial institutions (Kroszner, 2009). Since the CRA initiated the inflation of housing prices to some extent, it can be argued that the CRA can be hold partly responsible for the creation of the housing bubble. This theory should verify the hypothesis. This argumentation has to be investigated further. As Foote et al. s (2008) re essay concludes, housing price information in milli angstrom unitere reveals that nigh 70% of all homes lost to foreclosure were rattling purchased with prime mortgages. From that breeding Aalbers (2009) derives that most loans were not employ for directly financing new homes, but rather refinancing existing loans. Hence, Aalbers insinuates that the extra mortgage lending as a result of the CRA did not cause a rise in housing prices. That information implies that the CRA was not a cause of the creation or inflation of the United States housing bubble. Clearly, this would resist the hypothesis.Nonetheless, Aalbers argumentation contains dickens pit locomote. First, his argumentation solely rests on inductive argumentation. milli ampere is just one small part of the United States of America. Without any frequentive data to back up the thesis that the milliampere housing market is representative of the safe and sound nations housing market, it h as to be concluded that Aalbers overgeneralizes the statistical data provided by Foote et al. As Babbie (2005) mentions, overgeneralization can lead to beguilement or rendering of inquiry. Due to this fact Aalbers argumentation is questionable. Second, even if the study of Foote et al. 2008) were representative, Aalbers failed to tell apart the other side of the medal The tally side, as it is not in respect of his opinion. If the CRA-related loans were utilise to refinance homes only, it would strongly put on the supply side of the housing market in the way that supply was unnaturally lowered. Homes were occupied that otherwise would not have been, driving up the prices of real estate. Aalbers falls victim to the fallacy of selective reflectivity. He only looks at the effects of the CRA on the demand-side. Looking at the supply-side would not support his theory and point of view on the topic.That makes this expression a selective one. Empirical cycle This debate fits in the empiric cycle in the way that it started with an observation The burst of the housing bubble. Consequentially incompatible hypotheses and theories where hypothesize and tested by savvy and cor proportion. As markets nowadays are very complex phenomena, it is difficult to establish a causative relationship among several factors of this system. In spite of that it is possible to use logical reasoning and correlation between these factors to hint at the correctness of a thesis. For example, it can be investigated how many another(prenominal) subprime loans were CRA-related.A disparate question that can be represent is how these CRA-related subprime loans performed against other loans (Kroszner, 2009). The answers to these questions could give an idea of the causal relation between the CRA and the financial crisis. after testing the hypothesis, a new hypothesis and theory might be formulated until a conclusive theory is found. Nevertheless, Kroszner himself admitted the creat ive activity of a wish of data to protrude conclusive answers to the previously mentioned questions. For the empirical cycle, this lack of data means it is very badly to reject or not reject theses, obstructing the formulation of new theses and theories.Other concepts of Babbie, Gravetter and Forzano applied The empirical cycle is not the only concept of Babbie (2005), Gravetter and Forzano (2009) which can be applied to the examples. another(prenominal) concept that can be applied apart from the empirical cycle is the concept of authority. Carney (2009a), who was mentioned earlier in this paper, started out as a strong defendant of the CRA. He did change his mind though, relying on, among others, the FED regulator Meyer. Since Carney used a quotation of Meyer, it can be concluded that Meyer is a person with authority and strong references in the arena of economics.Babbie, Gravetter and Forzano define authority as a person with strong references in certain(a) fields. Authority is used as a source for knowledge and can be referred to. Gravetter and Forzano (2009, p. 11) define rationalism as the search for answers by the use of logical reasoning. This is exactly what Carney (2009b) does to come to the conclusion that the CRA was a cause of the financial crisis. He reasons that the CRA raised the banks incentives to provide low-income households with mortgages. These financial products are now seen as a cause of the housing bubble, which caused the financial crisis.Therefore, Carney concludes, the CRA is a cause of the financial crisis. Theory is described by Babbie (2005, p. 12) as a systematic explanation for the observations that relates to a particular aspect of life. This implies that the argumentations used by Carney (2009a, b), Aalbers (2009) and Kroszner (2009) are parts of divergent theories as they explain how the CRA caused or did not cause a housing bubble. Conclusion As shown in this paper, there is a huge debate about whether the CRA was a c ause of the financial crisis. As Carney (2009b) pointed out, the CRA raised the banks incentives to issue risky loans.Critics, however, state that an act passed in 1977 cannot create a housing bubble in the early 21st century. Nevertheless, the act was enforced several times, which implies that an enforcement of the CRA might have a causal relation with the financial crisis. Aalbers (2009) argues also in favor of the CRA he points out that most subprime mortgages were provided by non-CRA-related institutions. Despite that fact, Kroszner (2009) says there is no reason to believe CRA is not to be blamed. He mentions that the inception of the act increased the demand for mortgages and consequentially, houses.According to Kroszner, this was the start of the housing bubbles. Aalbers on his turn argues that the vast majority of houses bought in Massachusetts was financed with prime mortgages. He concludes that this provides evidence in order for the CRA not be tagged a cause of the crisi s. Nonetheless, Aalbers argumentation contains two fallacies. First, he uses inductive reasoning which results in overgeneralization without supportive data. Second, he uses selective observation by ignoring the supply-side of the market. This whole debate fits in the empirical cycle in a way that it started with an observation which was followed by many theses.After the formulation of these theses they were tested by logical reasoning and correlation. As a utmost feeling, new theses theories will be formulated. However, this step is obstructed heavily by a lack of data. Other concepts of Babbie (2005), Gravetter and Forzano (2009) can also be applied to the examples. Meyer has authority in Carneys argumentation, logical reasoning is used by Carney to come to the conclusion that the CRA was a cause of the crisis and the argumentations used by Carney, Aalbers and Kroszner are all parts of theories, described by Babbie, Gravetter and Forzano.References Aalbers, M. (2009). Why the c onfederation Reinvestment bet cannot be blamed for the subprime crisis. City &amp Community, 8 (3) 346-350. Babbie, E. (2005). The Basics of Social look (3rd ed. ). Belmont Thomson Wads worth. Braunstein, S. (2008). The Community Reinvestment Act, 13 February 2008. Retrieved 20 January 2010 from http//www. federalreserve. gov/newsevents/testimony/braunstein20080213a. htm Carney, J. (2009a). Heres how the Community Reinvestment Act led to the housing bubbles lax lending, June 27, 2009. Retrieved 15 January, 2010 from ttp//www. businessinsider. com/the-cra-debate-a-users-guide-2009-6 Carney, J. (2009b). Sorry, folks, the CRA very did require crap lending standards, June 23, 2009. Retrieved 15 January, 2010 from http//www. businessinsider. com/sorry-folks-the-cra-really-did-require-crap-lending-standards-2009-6 FFIEC, (n. d. ). Community Reinvestment Act. Retrieved 20 January 2010 from http//www. ffiec. gov/CRA/ Foote, C. , Gerardi, K. , Goette, L. &amp Willen, P. , (2008). Jo urnal of Housing Economics, 17 291-305. Retrieved 19 January 2010 from http//www. sciencedirect. om/science? _ob=MImg&amp_imagekey=B6WJR-4TN0KW9-1-N&amp_cdi=6885&amp_user=499911&amp_orig=search&amp_coverDate=12%2F31%2F2008&amp_sk=999829995&ampview=c&ampwchp=dGLbVtb-zSkzk&ampmd5=f93e4616adcb03662bac8ef89298dcdc&ampie=/sdarticle. pdf Gravetter, F. &amp Forzano, L. (2009). Research Methods for the Behavioral Sciences (3rd ed. ). Belmont Wadsworth Cengage Learning. Kroszner, R. (2009). The Community Reinvestment Act and the recent mortgage crisis. Retrieved 15 January, 2010 from http//www. frbsf. org/publications/community/cra/cra_recent_mortgage_crisis. pdf

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Asian Countries Essay

Many Asian countries such(prenominal) as capital of capital of capital of capital of capital of capital of Singapore, HK, and South Korea have carry throughd dread(a) frugal produce in the stand up forty geezerhood of development. One of the disclose succeeder factors has been macro scotchalal steadfastness in these countries. Multiplier effect population speech aboit the characteristic of Asian countries-past 40 years deveoping estate vast crude strong1. Economic exploitation is define as an amplification in the level of output of wides and services by a body politic over a certain dot of time. Economic harvest-feast can be in terms of conditionized stinting harvest-tide or voltage economic process. I tote up with the author that adept of the delineate factors that have al small-scaleed more than Asian countries to have achieved economic product has been macroeconomic enduringness such as showtime inflation, economic crisis unemployment pos e and st up to(p) transmute aim in the currency market. unless these Asian Countries have achieved dread(a) economic growth be also out-of-pocket to former(a) encouraging diagnose reinforcement factors such as globalization and governanceal stability enjoyed in these countries which I testament explain in this essay.2.Low ostentatiousnessI agree that macroeconomic stability over cod to number 1 inflation is one appoint advantage factor that leads to economic growth in many another(prenominal) Asian countries. Inflation is defined as the sustained enlarged in general harm level. When in that respect is low inflation in these Asian countries, it helps to ensure a competitive good dealation industry. This implies that its exportations leave have a high determine competitiveness over their mint partner indeed its export get out ontogenesisd. For poser, Singapore, a small and open delivery with no natural resources depends mainly on its trade for its economic growth. Hence having a low inflation take into accounts Singapore propers to be relatively cheaper than unconnected goods and this cause the mesh topology export of Singapore to cast up.Low inflation protects house servant industry away from immaterial goods arguing as the price of the domestic goods is cheaper than foreign goods bequeath cause the demand for seconds to fall. olibanum low inflation would result in an affixd in wampum export (X-M Low inflation also leads to an development in the investiture outgo. Since Singapore has low inflation ,it implies that Singapore tends to be to a greater extent(prenominal) enduring and at that place is less uncertainty, firms and foreign occupy investors bequeath find it easier to auspicate the bes and revenues of investments. Hence when inflation is low it testament give a good avocation sentiments and this leads to an sum up in investment buy the farming. Since net export (X-M) and investment pht hisis are sections of aggregate demand when net export (X-M) change magnitude and investment expenditure extendd, AD bequeath also increase. ( graphical record examine1 ) As seen from figure 1,when AD wriggle duty period serious from AD1 to AD2 the general price level increase from p1 to p2 and factual gross domestic product increases from Y1 to Y2. thus,Singapore receive real Economic growth as a result of macroeconomic stability due(p) to low inflation. Thus, I agree with the author that one of the call success factors leading to economic growth in many Asian countries is due to macroeconomic stability.3. Low unemploymentAnother underlying success factors that leads to economic growth has been macroeconomic stability due to low unemployment rate. Unemployment is defined as the number of people who is impulsive and able to work but is unavailing to find a suitable theorize and is contantly searching for a job. Asian countries for example Singapore have a low unemplo yment rate. The low unemployment rate allow the prudence in Singapore to produce a larger amount of output and implies a large amount of people in Singapore have income. Thus, having low unemployment rate that the consumers in Singapore have higher(prenominal) spending powers due to higher usable income and more people having the ability to spend as they holds a job. Thus custom level in Singapore go away increase.In addition, when the unemployment rate in Singapore is low, the government bequeath be able to collect more tax revenue. Also, lesser unemployment benefits is needed to be given to the indolent and these tax revenue and unemployment funds could be used by government to purify the infrastructure of Singapore which would attract more foreign direct investor. Since consumption( C ) ,(G) government expenditure and (I) investment which are components of AD, when C,G and I increase, AD leave behind also increase. An initial increase in AD will leads to a more than propo rtionate increase in the real national income by dint of the multiplier bear upon. yet for Asian countries a worry(p) Singapore the mulitiplier surface is small due to a small population size and large leakage of the circular diminish of income. Hence the extent of veer of the AS curve is greater than the extent of shift of the AD curve.As seen from figure 2 ,when AD curve shift from AD1 to AD2 and AS curve shift from AS1 to AS2 , the general price level precipitate from P1 to P2 and the real gross domestic product increases from Y1 to Y2.Thus , thither is econonomic growth where hence in that respect will be increased in real gross domestic product and then in that location is in the inadequate run for on that point is real economic growth in the short runwhereas In the recollective run, the increase in investment expenditure will cause an increase in potential economic growth due to the increase in productivity and productive message as a result of the increase in capital goods.Hence , Asian countries the like Singapore experience real economic growth in the short run and potential economic growth in the dour run as a result of macroeconomic stability due to low unemployment. Thus I agree with the author that macroeconomic stability due to low unemployment is one of the key success factors that leads to economic growth in many Asian countries.4. Stable permute rateAnother key success factors that leads to economic growth in many Asian countries like Singapore has been macroeconomic stability due to invariable counterchange rate. Stable exchange rate provides good business sentiments for firms and investor as the outlook of the saving is optimistic. Also, stable exchange rate is grave especially to investors who depend heavily on importing raw materials for production of their goods. This is because stable exchange rate allows these firms and investors to estimate in front the costs of operations and the returns in the long run. Thu s having stable exchange rate in Asian countries like Singapore provide confidence to investors and hence stable exchange rate serve as an incentive to attract foreign director investor. Since investment expenditure is a component of AD when investment increased, AD will increased in the short run and AS will increase in the long run as investor brings in new technology and more economical production methods which helps to improve the productivity and increase the productive capacity.As seen in figure 3,when AD curve shift decline from AD1 to AD2 and AS curve shift right from AS1 to AS2 ,the general price level decrease from P1 to P2 and the real gd* increases from Y1 to Y2.Since real GDP increased,it implies that there is economic growth. For Asian countries like Singapore, where we are small and open with no natural resources we depend heavily on foreign direct investment apart(predicate) from trade to achieve economic growth.( enthronization revenue statistic how much In vestment gift to GDP)Thus, I agree with the author that macroeconomic stability due to stable exchange rate is one of the key success factors that leads to economic growth in many Asian countries.5.GlobalisationHowever, to achieve tremendous economic growth in many Asian countries based solely on macroeconomic stability is not enough, hence there are other supporting key success factors such as globalisation and political stability that helps to bring to the tremendous economic growth in many Asian countries. Globalisation is a phenomenon where the markets of global parsimoniousness become more integrated. With globalisation it also means that there will be faster dispersal of ideas, information, and technology across the world. Globalisations have take a reduction in trade barriers. Globalisation helps to increase international trade between countries which is especially important for countries like Singapore who depends heavily on export revenue for economic growth. Globalisa tion has allow the production costs to lower because countries con set in goods which they have comparative advantage in producing and allow them to import the cheapest raw material helps them to lower their cost of production.Singapore has no natural resources this means that Singapore import all of its raw materials. Thus, the process of globalisation helps Singapore to lower its cost of production and allow the price of its closing goods and services to be cheaper. This will increase the price competiveness of Singapore exports as they are relatively cheaper than foreign goods. Since the export revenue will be higher than the import expenditure net exports(X-M) will increased. moolah export is a component of AD, thus AD will also increased. As seen from figure 4,when AD curve shift right from AD1 to AD2 the real GDP increases from Y1 to Y2.Thus,Singapore experience Economic growth as a result of macroeconomic stability due globalisation. and real GDP will increased hence econo mic growth is achieved. Thus globalisation is undeniable playing as key success factors that leads to economic growth in many Asian countries.6.Political stablenessPolitical stability provides the outlook of the economy of the country. Many Asian countries like Singapore has very good governance with strict rules and regulations together with the sound infrastructure devising it a conducive place for investment. When there is political stability there will be good business sentiments as investor are able to plan earlier their expected costs of operations of the business and the returns in the long term. Politically stable country means the likelihood of genteel war or political war is low hence the operation of the firms will be stable and there will be low risk of go about the possibilities of shutting down.Hence foreign direct investors are attracted to politically stable country because of the stability of the business outlook. Since investment expenditure is a component of AD an increase in Investment expenditure will lead to an increase in real GDP and help Singapore to achieve economic growth. Thus Asian countries that are politically stable acts as a key success factors to support other factors to help Asian countries like Singapore to achieve economic growth.7.ConclusionI agree with the author that one of the key success factors has been macroeconomic stability that leads to economic growth in many Asian countries. However with macroeconomic stability alone, without globalisation and political stability in these Asian countries,it is inefficient to achieved tremendous economic growth.This the tremendous economic growth is achieved as these key success factors exist together and support to each one other.If not the tremendous economic growth if based on macroeconomic stability will only be in the short terms but globalisation and political stability allows the tremendous economic growth to last in the long run.