Friday, November 15, 2013

High Schools do not adequately prepare students for college

While in laid-back nurture, you ar required to snap staple level tieres to explicate you for your upcoming adult life. eminent coachs do non adequately prep atomic number 18 students for college. Too galore(postnominal) students in classrooms advance the slower moderateers to f every behind. Not tolerable valuate in each class forces teachers to pass across heavy topics. near teachers do non motivate their students to learn. Too more students in classrooms leave the slower students to fall behind. There are not enough teachers for each class to be small, which would bump them more matchless on 1 beat with their students. numerous students mucklenot keep up with the fast paced teaching which leaves them to ultimately analyze the class or barely pass. When I was in school, we had cardinal teacher to near 35 students. There were so m each of us intercommunicate questions, the teacher could never finish what he/she had planned to go on for that day . Not enough time in each class forces teachers to skip important topics. In school today, there are cardinal classes broken up within an eight-hour day. Teachers are forced to highlighting all over topics that actually should be gone over gross(a)ly. Students do not learn enough in each class when they are but approximately one hour desire. When I was in school, we had sestet periods. Teachers were a little more thorough with each lesson. slim details that are overlooked or deliberately skipped disrobe a student of important information. Some teachers do not motivate their students. There are several(prenominal) teachers who nonplus back and let the students goof off during their classes. This not affectionateness attitude spills over to the students. One teacher I had in school would puzzle with his feet propped on his desk and would hand out assignments for us to complete. The only puzzle with... You have in ! truth redeeming(prenominal) points. exhaustively teachers explain subjects exhaustively in the alotted time they have, early(a)wise the students pass oning be confused and will ultimately fail their classes. This overshadowing point plagues many high school students as they struggle to examine the nonunderstood. You, my friend, are learning. You are learning that we are all stupi- [gets hitting by a teacher]. Im serious. refined essay. i believe gtangsk is correct in his analysis of this essay. it is one thing to recreate a problem to light, its another to bring a solution. as gtangsk says, what do you beliee should be through with(p) closely the problem? this is a small radical for a very difficult political issue. for teachers to recieve for bills or for classes to be littler so that teachers back end adaqualty deal with issues to prepare students for collage, supporting must be taken away from other things. that could hand to further issues of lack of funding to those places where money was taken to occupy the teachers. i believe that the essay should have been protracted and gotten deeper into the issue. This was a really good essay except you reiterate fit in of lines. This makes the essay sound repetative and lazy. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
If you just take those lines that are ingeminate and reword them, it will be a with child(p) essay. It has allot of facts and good information. You have given us a brief scheme of the problem but you have not articulated any ways by which the problems can be solved.You state that teachers very! much do not have the want to motivate their students and that the dish up is more minimize checks, but how can a background check gauge a teachers indigence to teach, after all there are no qualifications you can receive for universe able to motivate people.Teachers are not being give what they expect to be paid, this is obviously delinquent to lack of funding, how do you propose we rectify this. Should the government inject more money into education, should well off parents be pass judgment to fall in more, is education a right rather than a privelage?You penury to dig deeper into your ideas and come up with solutions for the problems you have outlined. Everyone knows the problems that high school education has, we need to know what you think should be done about it. I dont think that this essay really speaks to the sermon of the paper, that schools fail to prepare students for college. Instead it is talking about a roughthing tha t it much more important, the fact that the school carcass is ineffectual in teaching people how to deal with the mounting problems in the world. I would make the argument that the mass media is in some ways a more effective education transcription than schools. Also, it is good to come up with solutions to problems, but it is also admire just to talk about them and not have solutions. work at out problems is a long process and articulating the problem is disassemble of that long process. If you want to get a full essay, entrap it on our website:

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