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?General properties of sense variety meat ?sense organs canon some(prenominal) aspects of a arousal ?1. Modality ?all sense organs detect a specific form of thrust of the arousal ?A. light (photo sensory(a) receptors) ?B. chemical (chemoreceptors) ? hold (gustation) ?smell (olfaction) ?C. mechanical energy (mechanoreceptors) ?touch and pressure ?muscle stretch ?auditive and symmetricalness receptors ?baroreceptors ?D. thermal energy (thermoreceptors) ?hot and cold ?also electro-receptors & magneto-receptors stick out in certain animals but not humans 2. intensity level amplitude of input is coded by the frequency of action authorisations (APs) (Weber Fechner law) cholecalciferol AP frequency (Hz) 0 stimulus intensity (log scale) 3. Location -location of stimulus is sight by the subject field of the sensational(prenominal) neuron -the sector of the sensorial surface of the body, eg, skin, that when stimulated increases th e AP frequency of that neuron receptive field eg, in skin SN1 SN2 sensory neuron 1 sensory neuron 2 (SN1) (SN2) 4. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
Sense organs oblige the property of transduction ? operator that the energy of stimulus is altered to galvanic energy ?energy of stimulus is usually increased (amplified) or reduced during transduction stimulus Sensory receptor potential -40 mV sensory potential (mv) -70 mV time times of sensory potential ?the sensory stimulus generates a sensory receptor potential in the sensory cell ?usually a depolarization ?amplitude is proportional to stimulus ? generated by Na influx, comonly via transien! t receptor potential channels (TRP) ?sensory potential may decline if stimulus is prolonged (called sensory allowance) ?sensory receptors vary in point in time of adaptation ? smart receptors are non or slowly adapting ?phasic receptors are quickly adapting Sensory adaptation ?sensory receptors vary in horizontal surface of adaptation ?tonic receptors are non or slowly adapting ?phasic receptors are...If you ask to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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