Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Sweet November : Altruistic or Sadisitc? A psychological analysis of the movie: Sweet November

A work-obsessed man views picked up by a life-obsessed woman, who wants to function him get more go forth of his existence on earth. inwardly a day, she asks him to move in with her, so that she could scram her therapy on him. The man resists at primary, but ultimately falls for the womans endear persistence. Over eon, the two begin to like each(prenominal) former(a) more and then, well....aaaaaah. Above was my opinion of Sweet November after the first time I watched it, and not much had changed when I watched it a due south time before writing this paper, take out that I undercoat Charlize Therons (Sara) character even more stiff than before. Shes exuberant, optimistic, energetic and unbelievably happy. The obvious question then is what makes her strange, and the resultant role is exactly those attributes. Challenged by Nelsons outward impenetrability and broken national spirit, Sara leads this dedicated businessman on a journey of self-discovery during the calen dar month of November, after which they scheme to go their separate ways. Part of her cover is that she doesnt spell everything out for Nelson but wants to open the door and in conclusion let him proceed the journey himself above all exuberant of happiness.
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Believing that Nelson is not able to extract all of lifes pleasures, Sara makes Nelson her next project and offers him her life and base of operations for the next month. Is there a deeper meaning to her character or does Sara desperately need to parcel her apartment rent with individual? One would be given to pick the latter, but Saras look leads us t o think whether her altruism is truly genuin! e or if there is an ulterior motive behind her acts of benevolence to Nelson and the many another(prenominal) other monthly patients. both possibilities can be considered when analyzing Saras intentions, altruism... If you want to get a all-inclusive essay, order it on our website: OrderCustomPaper.com

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