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Possible Reason for Specimen Rejection: * Hemolysis/lipemia * Clots in anticoagulated ensample * Nonfasting model when fasting required * Improper fund entreaty tube * Short draws, wrongly volume * Improper sway conditions * Discrepancies between requisition and label * Unlabeled/ mislabeled specimen * Contaminated specimen/leaking container Blood Collection Venipuncture * Accomplished using * Needle/arranger assembly * Attached to an evacuated glass/ pliable test tube with a plastic/rubber s carrouselper * Evacuated tube system * Blood collected in a syringe is transferred to appropriate specimen container Stoppers * Color-coded to distinguish whether.. * thermionic valve contains particularised anticoagulant/additive * Tube made chemically light(a) [for lead/iron determination] * Plain tube with no additives Anticoagulants * set u p for analysis of.. * Whole blood specimens * Plasma constituents PLASMA contains ingredient I which is missing from SERUM. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
tube| anticoagulant| Use| lilac top| EDTA (ethyldiamine tetra-acetic acid); chelates/binds Ca| Hematology; cell morphology; plasm| blushful travel by| No Additive (glass); overload activator (plastic/hemogard)| Most.. alchemy, blood bank, immunology, serology/ blood serum| Green pull in| Heparin; mucotin polysulfuric acid inhibits thrombin governance accelerates the consummation of antithrombin III neutralizing thrombin preventing fibrin format ion| K measurements bec Heparinized plasma a! voids elevation overdue to release of K from platelets as the blood clots; plasma/chemistry; not for clotting and hematology| Light Blue Top| Sodium turn; chelates/binds Ca commonly used bec preserve labile coagulation factors; blood anticoagulant ratio = 4:1; thrombin and soya bean trypsin inhibitor| Coagulation testing; plasma| criticize Top| K2 EDTA| Immunohematorlogy/blood bank/plasma| White Top| EDTA, Gel| Molecular...If you insufficiency to get a full essay, piece it on our website:

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