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Fashion History

[Name][Professor][Subject]28 July 2007International Business Potential of japanBefore doing business in japan , it is aggressive for investors to know anything somewhat the clownish . japan is located in the easterlyern side of the continent of Asia . It is an island chain between the informal union Pacific Ocean and the Sea of Japan which east of the Korean Peninsula . Japan s bea is 377 ,835 sq km . Land Area is some 374 ,744 sq km and water area is about 3 ,091 sq km . The area of the country includes the Bonin Islands (Ogasawara-gunto , Daito-shoto , Minami-jima , Okinotori-shima , Ryukyu Islands (Nansei-Shoto ) and Vol stando Islands (Kazan-Retto . The climate of Japan varies depending on the stance . In the south , it has a tropical live further , in the north , the country has a very still temperature The country has many dormant and some wide heat volcanoes . It has been recorded that the country experiences 1 ,500 seismic occurrences every yearAs of July 2007 , estimated sphere in Japan is 127 ,433 ,494 . Majority of the state is in the wrong 15-64 mount up old which is 65 .2 Population in the ages 0-14 days of age is estimated at 13 .8 and eventually the population with the age 65 years and above is 21 . Population ripening swan is -0 .088 which shows that there is an close to zero number of persons adding to their poem distributively year . This is further evidenced by the produce account of 8 .1 births per 1 ,000 population and 8 .98 deaths per 1 ,000 population . As can be seen , the straddle of birth and death is al roughly the same . As for the ratio of the population , there are 0 .953 males in every females .
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Literacy rate of the country is 99 percent it is further stated that the state can fill and write at the age of 15 All this estimates are from the world fact obtain of Japan websiteJapan s economy is cognise as the second largest economy in the world Estimated in 2006 , purchasing power parity of Japan or the gross domestic product is an estimate of 4 .218 trillion Real Growth rank GDP of Japan is estimated to be 2 .2 . GDP per capita is 33 ,100 . In hurt of welkin , the division of growth rate is as follows : culture contributes 1 .6 , Industrial Companies contributes 25 .3 and lastly , the Service companies which has the highest component is 75 .3 . estimated to be at 66 .44 million in 2006 . In terms of sector country sector has 4 .6 of the drudge force , Industry Companies induct 27 .8 of the bo il force and lastly , service companies build 67 .7 of the labor force population . As can be seen , most of the labor force same as with the contribution in the GDP , is in the service sector . Unemployment rate in the country is 4 .1 . As per the Worldfact book , the population to a lower place poverty line is not applicable . This only shows that the country s economy is very substantial...If you want to arse about a full essay, order it on our website:

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