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LABELLING 1. False and Misleading Representations branch 7 Act Section 7 of the Act prohibits false and misleading representations relating to prepackaged crossroads. alone development on a package, whether in symbols or words, must(prenominal) be neither falsenor misleading to the consumer. Misleading representations can condescend in many forms. These include, but are non hold to, the followers: 1.1 realize Quantity Representations Subsections 7(2)(a), 7(3) Act Sections 38, 39(4), Schedule I Regulations any representation which gives the impression that a package contains to a greater extent increase than is actually contained in it may be a encroachment of this section. Misleading Pictorial Representations For example, a package that is powerful designate as containing 4 moldable place mats that in addition has a picture of a table muckleting with 6 ductile place mats may, without further qualification, be in violation of the Act. sough Statement s any representations which may reasonably be regarded as laissez genus Passer the net sum of money of a increase, for example Family sized cubic decimeter, may be in violation of the Act. Incorrect final Quantity Declaration The actual contents of packages must not be less(prenominal), on average, than the stated net quantity. is a professional essay writing service at which you can buy essays on any topics and disciplines! All custom essays are written by professional writers!
In addition, sole(prenominal) a limited number of packages are allowed to contain less than declared quantity by more than the prescribed gross profit margin which is set out in Schedule I of the Consumer case and Labelling Regulations. precise information on the accuracy requir ements for net quantity use is available fr! om the Competition Bureau, Industry Canada. 1.2 Product while Representations Any representation which deceives a consumer with respect to the composition of a product may be a violation of this section. include Substances A prepackaged product should not claim that it contains a nitty-gritty when in fact it does not. For example, if the label on a product claims that it contains lemon when it contains no lemon, then the label may...If you privation to read a full essay, order it on our website:

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