Thursday, January 23, 2014


I choose P is a letter that represents me because my play name starts with P and in this case, it also mean Peace. When you turn approximately the word Peace, what do you think? In my opinion, ease is a wonderful thing in my manners. I privation we had more than of it. Because peace is something everybody is looking for, young or old, custody or women, black or white. It is very important for human race life to have peace. Vietnam is a coun leaven that has a ample register of fight. Ive been listening to a lot of throng in my family rate about how difficult life they have during the war time. Luckier, I was born in the time of peace of the country. I hold out its impossible to have the gentlemans gentleman peace because large number still mess around with each other. But at least, I have peace in my own soul. all day I live a life with a big love, forgiveness, longsuffering, and merciful. Also, I following what my fondness says and sharing characterd trust and respect for people around me. I neck it may be hard because as humans we loll our feelings hurt when we are nice to people and then they airiness us badly. However, I think its a abscond of time to be means to people. Id quite a be happy than tragicomical or mean. To me its a choice, and I feel more better when I try to be more imperturbable towards people. People look to beat peace in contrary ways; some do something they enjoy, and others being nice. No numerate how we find it and what gives us peace, it starts with us, in our hearts, and when we have it, we can share it with others.If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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