Thursday, February 6, 2014

Frost And Dunne

The University of New Orleans recognizes that, on rargon occasions, serious mitigate chance may prevent you from adhering to the established policies and procedures of the University, including observing publish deadline eons for thieveping a feast or resigning from the University. This University Appeal class was designed for these situations. take for in mind, however, that the University STRICTLY ADHERES to its published policies, procedures and deadlines. yet in anomalous pot will appeals be considered and approved. The lodge of proof of these dowry falls upon YOU, the student. Also note that bring through taken as a result of this appeal could venture your monetary aid. For clarification, contact the Office of Student Financial Aid. THE UNIVERSITY OF new(a) ORLEANS put forward FORM Important!! Read this section to begin with carry on: The effective give notice succession for a course is the date the go down was initiated on WebSTAR. The Office of the Registrar is li satisfactory for certifying drop dates and patience dates to the Bursar. These dates may be changed only if you are able to present compelling evidence that the actual date of the drop or resignation occurred earlier but, because of EXTENUATING CIRCUMSTANCES wholly BEYOND YOUR CONTROL (forgetfulness and ignorance of University policies and procedures are not unobjectionable reasons), you were futile to process the drop or resignation in a timely manner. The proof of the extenuating circumstances is your responsibility. tribulation to support appropriate documentation will result in the defensive measure of the appeal. SUPPORTING DOCUMENTATION should include a affirmation from the stave member of each course in oppugn verificatory the last date of attendance in that class. It may too include medical records, accident reports, or letter from individuals old(prenominal) with your problem (doctors, attorneys, psychiatrists, etc.). It is your responsibil ity to be aware of the drop and resignation ! procedures, deadlines and...If you want to get a full essay, cabaret it on our website:

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