Saturday, February 8, 2014

The Watergate Scandal

Three American presidents have been impeached during their presidency. The counterbalance was Andrew Johnson in 1869. During Johnsons presidency, he became involved in series of political quarrels amid the Congress as the President sought to fire Edwin M. Stanton, the secretaire of War, which was against the Tenure of Office Act. A special committee drafted xi articles of impeach workforcet. clauses 1 to 8 charged President Andrew Johnson with illegally removing Edwin M. Stanton from office. Article 9 accused President Andrew Johnson of violating the Command of the legions Act. The rifle two charged President Andrew Johnson with libeling the Congress by means of rabble-rousing and scandalous harangues. These were the events that lead to the presidents impeach manpowert, the first impeachment of an American President. The second president to be impeached was Richard Nixon in 1974. The Watergate shit began farseeing before the actual burglary. Many historians believed th at the Watergate Scandal was born(p) divulge of the combined personalities of Richard Nixon and his advisors, as well as with the ever-changing component of the presidency. By the time Richard Nixon took office, the executive branch had sound the most(prenominal) powerful branch of government and had taken on authority. As Richard M. Nixon reserved himself from the Congress, President Nixon trusted and kept his personal cultivation in a small loyal group of advisers. This include H.R. Haldeman, chief of staff; John Ehrlichman, chief domestic adviser; and John Mitchell, the attorney general. These men had played the main dissolve in President Nixons 1968 election victory and today they helped the president direct the White Houses policy. These men also shared President Nixons desire for imbue and the success of stronger power. Through their personalities and their attitude toward the presidency, these men developed an seminal thinker that they were able to be prec eding(prenominal) the law. These mean that t! he intellect in a higher place the law could quickly helped President...If you want to get a spacious essay, order it on our website:

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