Saturday, November 12, 2016

A Very Old Gabriel Garcia Marquez

A Very ancient art object with Enormous Wings, is a fiction from the famous Colombian novelist Gabriel (Gabo) Garcia Marquez. Marquez is one of the most preeminent writers of Magical Realism, because in more or less every of his stories he constantly tries to put that magical and mystic theme that his audience loves to read. A Very Old Man with Enormous Wings, is a quaint report, because in the small liquidations of Latin America r are things lead really often, more than in any other plate of the world. Some say is because of their unearthly views, others because of how they socialize with each other, or even because of the fact that Latin people can think in so numerous things just like they could non believe in anything.\nThe story begins in the month of litigate in a Latin Caribbean place with a ridiculous family of a in truth low-down class society. Pelayo and Elisenda found an grizzly man with move in their courtyard. The old man became so famous that every one thought he was an holy person. After some time, the angel got his fame stolen by a woman who was turned into a bird of passage for having disobeyed her parents. In that moment, the angel loses his write up but not his essence, causaableness which in one solar day for no apparent reason the creature decides to leave the village without using any compositors case of traditional transportation, because his enormous wings had finally grew back and he was finally able to wing again. The concept that human liberal has towards the angel is even uped as a decrepit, filthy, soaked, toothless, riddled with parasites and with very human odors. This short story is a parody as it is in a contradiction of the angel; he doesnt get attached to anyone, his miracles are messy, he ends up dormancy in the shed all full of dirt and weirdy from one side to the other, this could represent Pelayo and Elisendas life of economic hardship trying to survive. To discover this, Marquez describ es a courtyard cluttered with crabs, incessant rain, ...

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