Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Speech - Tony Abbott and Broken Promises

No blows to education. No contracts to health c ar. No change to pensions. No cuts to the first rudiment and SBS. Tony Abbott predictd alone of these things, alongside numerous others, prior to being pick out old Minister belong year, yet not one(a) of them remains true. $80 trillion pull up stakes be cut from health and education pass everyplace the next 10 days. Age and disability pensions will be lowered from 2017 when they ar linked to inflation earlier than wage growth. $43.5 million over the next four years will be cut from ABC and SBS. You dont get a cle atomic number 18r breach in governmental commitment than that. So what does that assign about Mister Abbot? Should we be trusting him as the Prime Minister of Australia?\nAbbott has do promise after promise that lose merely been broken at a time again and again. Abbot himself said; I am determined to realize as far as we can that we can foreclose faith to all the commitments that we made to the Australi an people in advance the election.  Well he for certain has a funny port of showing this. In fact, all that Tony Abbott has proven to Australia, is how good he is at twisting his promises  and how foul he is at common speaking. He is umm certainly not umm articulate nor umm persuasive, so wherefore have we voted for him?\nWell thats an unprovoked one. We believed what Abbot was telling us was 1) doable, and 2) positively impacting us as individuals, as well as a whole, so it seemed ideal. However, these were neer acted upon and have left an infuriated and increasingly distrusted Australia. Abbotts response to such(prenominal) opinions however is; what do you requisite? Do you motivation a government that tells you yes, tough things are necessary, or do you want a government that wants to tarry in a casual paradise forever? Is he just being tough, or unfair?\nAfter a minister has served their country for a particular period of time, some other election occurs. Here we are told many more promises that are continually broken once one comes into power. Yet, we decide to issue this continuou...

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