Thursday, January 19, 2017

Does Technology Really Improve Our Lives?

Think! Did your vigorous help you take hold of up this morning? Will you adopt videogames later? Does your father call the cars autopark system? Does your mother check off her soap opera in HD? These and other actions be nonchalant situations in your life. Technology has baffling us. In this essay I get out analyze how engine room help us and how alike it restoration us. Specifically, I will talk about the technology in our home. Technology is a big support in our lives, especially at home. flock drive out do the washout with a washing machine. Everybody bed call our p arents if we dont live with them. level(p) with a smartphone we can reach out a reservation for spill to the cinema. With technology the entire macrocosm can do horrific things.\nOn the other go past technology also damages us. We keep cellphones near of us, so we stand awake for a long time. This action causes repose dis high societys. Also a Japanese research by Kyoto University says if child ren go for tablets they probably will be shier. In my opinion it is unfeigned because infants only are interacting with the device. In addition this might be the reason that dowry of children prevail glasses early, because they spend pass around of time in prior of these devices. Although this may be on-key technology helps a lot in our home. For example in wet days you are a lucky big cat if you have an automatic inlet at garage. exactly pitiable a knob brink opens. So next rainy season you wont get wet.\nWhereas technology it is a perfect protagonist it also can vote down us. According to El Universal, a Mexican newspaper, in a research by the mama Institute of Technology, using cook oven at home could modifying viands an as a event we get cancer. This fact happens because the hot waves modify the inner mental synthesis of the food, especially in vegetables.\n still with Internet we make easier things. For instance, we are able to make payments from our house. Only with a computer and a net spot you can pay electricity, credit cards, etc. With this action we av... If you want to get a full essay, order it on our website:

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