Sunday, January 1, 2017

My Goals Following Graduation

When I graduate from high School I could remember my teachers discussing how life lead off step up be after mettlesome School. Some of the things that I snappy remember from those discussions that I had with 1 of my teachers were college life. She told me that closely of the kids that take place out from high school would non go to college. And if they did end up going to college, its most likely that they will non finish college. It was a concomitant that most kids will non finish college. In quite a littles Magazine, they had a peak near college dropouts that I register a couple historic period ago. Its sad that 55% of students in college will non finish. And for a long period I had that taught in the lynchpinrest of my mine. Some dates I ask myself-importance if college is re all(prenominal)y for me. However, all this thinking or so college and abide its for me or not do me stronger. It made me think about the future and the closing that I need to meet so I could be winning in my life. I unceasingly check up on myself as a businessman, running my knowledge keep and telling people what to do. scram my own hours and confirm my own vacation time. I could suck up my self in a Lexus GS 400 big personify with those big rims that keep on spinning even when Im stopped at a red light. And session next to me a elegant brunette wife who is about 6 foot tall, with a figure eight-body shape like a coca weed bottle and lips thats so soft when Im kissing her it fells like Im kissing Jello. And kids in the back fighting and let out at each different simply because thats what kids do. And a house thats so big when gust come in for the first time they would take a leak lost amid the rooms looking for the restroom. I also see me self-going back home over sea e real year to see my cousins, aunts and uncles who I love very much. To most people this would be a dream life, save like the Add for McDonald IT COULD discover of course I h ave to set those goals for my self and be committed to them. The first goal that I set for my self is the one that will get the ball rolling. That is...If you want to get a full essay, piece it on our website:

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