Sunday, January 22, 2017

The Fantasy Genre

The magic literary genre consists of wizardry and witchcraft, things that argon flimsy to happen in unfeigned life. fantasise is the suspension of hu homo race; it is based on myths and legends. Fantasy takes surface in a magical foundation. on that point is commonly a villain or an antagonistic character with ghostly powers. A magical conception plays an important role in the fantasy genre. Wicked takes place in the Land of Oz. There is a yellow brick track leading up to Oz. Below, the yellow brick road looped back on itself, like a relaxed slip noose (Maguire, 3). In this land suffer characters such as trivial men and women that are know as the Munchkins. Some narrow-waisted minions who seemed to fuddle only enough thinker capacity among them to pass a hat  (Maguire, 3). Also, living in this land, are the well know Lion, Tin Man and bird-scarer who all have the king to talk as if they are human. She could see a enormous cat of some sort-a Lion, was it? (Maguire, 3). In conclusion, a magical knowledge base plays an important role in my clean and the fantasy genre. I know that Wicked is a book on fantasy because it takes place in the world of Oz. In this world, there are non-realistic characters such as Munchkins and lecture Lions. Maguire has done a skilful job of including the characteristics of a magical world into her novel to stir that it belongs in the fantasy genre.\nThe novel Wicked includes suspension of reality. In my novel, there are many an(prenominal) animals and characters that are capable of delusive things. In the Prologue of my novel, someone is watching a Lion, a man made of tin and a scarecrow have a conversation with each some other which is highly unrealistic in the real world. Oh you, you see emasculation everywhere you look  verbalise the Lion  (Maguire, 3). Im only repeat what folks say  verbalise the Tin Woodman  (Maguire, 3). In the beginning of the story, Melena gives nascence to a green bilk who will soon beseem the main character. I meditate that could be possible in the ...

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