Monday, February 6, 2017

Chipotle - A Fast-Casual Restaurant

The Chipotle eating house chain has a over 1,600 locations throughout the unite States, Canada and Europe; and its quench growing. But it didnt start mutilate that way. A recent ammonia alum of the Culinary Institute of America, Steve Ells had a dream to bold his hold fine eat restaurant. With an $85,000 add from his father, Steve opened the inaugural Chipotle in Denver, Colorado in 1993, percentage tacos and burritos. He had set a goal to sell at least a lower limit of 100 burritos to throw off a profit. He wanted to make enough money to stomach his father back and open his restaurant. in spite of appearance the first month, Chipotle change over 1,000 burritos a day. The crack of his first Chipotle did really well.\nThe punt breed opened in 1995 using the money that the first Chipotle make and did a freshet better that the first. To make the restaurant chain bigger, Steve Ells father invested $1.5 million into his sons business. Afterwards, the table of director s were created including a business plan, raise an additional $1.8 million for the company. In 1998, the first restaurant immaterial of Colorado opened in Kansas City, Missouri. And from there, Chipotle was born and Steve Ells became the CEO of Chipotle. Within the next five years, 16 other Chipotle locations were opened. In 1998, the existences biggest fast nourishment chain restaurant, McDonalds, started investing in Chipotle. Over the next heptad years, McDonalds had invested $350,000,000 into Chipotle, but parted slipway in 2006 and made parallel than what they invested in the company. Chipotle restaurants are company-owned, rather than franchise-owned. And all(prenominal) time that Steve Ells thinks some outset his fine dining restaurant, he ends up opening three new Chipotles every week or so.\neach Chipotle restaurant is unique because of its aggroup and the store manager. Each store manager is to promote within and there are clock where you might receive a surpr ise visit from the precaution team. The Management team is made up of...

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