Friday, September 8, 2017

'Comparitive Essay - Julius Caesar and The Odyssey'

' either action has a way out. Whether its goodness or bad, on that point is a burden to all actions. This pattern is referred to as poeticalal justice. In nonchalant life, its ordinarily referred to as karma or consequences. In Julius Caesar and The Odyssey, poetic justice is employ by means ofout the novels and is presented as a major(ip) report. Its presented through the extent of the conflicts and actions of the master(prenominal) dispositions. In the work, Julius Caesar, the important theme is destiny. This play wraps all virtually the results of ones actions and how every piece of music has a destiny. spate sh ares the same design as poetic justice, since they some(prenominal) are able to be controlled and snap off the outcome of ones life. One of the master(prenominal)(prenominal) characters, Brutus, deceives Caesar, who trusted him, and kills him. posterior on in the play, Brutus feels guilt for deceiving an unobjectionable worldly concern and is mortified by macrocosm called an honorable man repeatedly, when obviously discriminating that he is the blow since he betrayed Caesar for no reason. Later on, he loses in competitiveness, causation him to commit felo-de-se due to humiliate and embarrassment. Another main character, Marc Antony, commits actions which cause a official consequence. Marc Antony remained liege and loving to Caesar. He revealed what Brutus and all of the conspirators did to Caesar, and how they deceived him. collectible to his actions, he won in combat and became the desperate cuneus of the story. Both of these exemplars revolve around the fantasy of poetic justice, show it to be a main motif in the play, Julius Caesar, and reveal it in both a positive and negative way.\nThe epic novel, The Odyssey, includes various examples of poetic justice. The main character and epic admirer of the novel, Odysseus, is cursed to a difficult move around home for 10 long, troublesome years. This conseque nce occurred upon Odysseus due to his actions of flagrant the Cyclops, Polyphemus, who was the son of the idol Poseidon. Another example of poetic jus... '

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