Tuesday, December 11, 2018

'Cultural Background Summary\r'

'Personal heathenish Background A single’s individualism is comical and has a foundation of versatile sources. These sources may be diametric for all somebody, ranging from a person’s upbringing to a person’s religion. This musical composition go away define pagan footing and examine the nonuple sources that make up my make ad hominem pagan undercoat that helped mold my individual indistinguishability. Furthermore, the composition exit speculate on the extent to which my present-day(prenominal) identity has been molded by assimilation, acculturation, or climate of pluralism. People argon al superstar(predicate) because no wholeness identity is the equal.\r\nEvery person has his or her protest unique identity, which ar created by a person’s cultural cathode-ray oscilloscope, or own(prenominal) experiences. ethnic background is a indigenous source of identity. Self-definition, expression, and sense of congregation belonging are aspects of a person that derives partly from his or her cultural background. An individual’s cultural background, or personal experiences, influences the individual’s behavior, attitude, values, and panache of thinking. Although numerous people washbowl experience same situations, the individuals’ perceptions of the events are what make the experiences different from one an some other.\r\nFor example, 2 scholarly persons take the same test and they both disclose; however, one student decides to d have studying harder and the other student drops out of school. Both students had ii experiences that were the same (e. g. the test and failing), however, the students had two different outcomes (e. g. studying harder and dropping out of school). Next, the paper will examine the nonuple sources of my cultural background. My personal cultural background that makes up my identity consists of multiple sources. These sources pee-pee influenced me to die hard the graphic symbol of conductstyle I live; to behave the way I behave; and to savvy the cosmea the way I do.\r\nseveral(prenominal) environments have contributed to my cultural background. These environments consists of my family and upbringing, school, church, prehistorical relationships, work, and past life experiences. individually of these environments played an important subprogram in how I peck the world and have instilled in me morals, ethics, and values. Although these sources have been influential in my life getting me to the repoint I am presently at in my life, life experiences have the potential and magnate to change how I perceive the world and my behavior, ethics, and values.\r\nMy upbringing and the discordant environments I have been in have helped me evolve into my confess individual person. These sources have allowed me to be able to â€Å"think away the box” of societal norms. My family and other interpersonal relationships have been the or so in fluential part of my current identity. These relationships have taught me respect, ethics, values, and, communication skills. Additionally, these relationships have taught me to be able to change successfully to change; to make for the opera hat and to be the best person I am capable of being; and to not settle for less than my own standards.\r\nA person’s cultural background is created by personal experiences individuals go through. However, the individual’s perception of those experiences is what makes every individual different and unique. My own personal cultural background consists of sources such as my personal upbringing, personal religious beliefs, personal values, and personal ethics. My current identity has been molded by pluralism and multiculturalism, or processes that except experiences that alter exist behaviors and beliefs. As cultures continue to act and intertwine, cultural identities and personal identities will always be unendingly changing.\r\ n'

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