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St. Michael the Archangel For my saint, I picked apotheosis Michael the Archangel. I picked St. Michael because Michael is my middle flesh. holy man Michael is a name meaning He who is equal graven image in Hebrew. He is say to be placed over all(prenominal) the angels. He is the Patron nonpareil of soldiers, security guards, and toot people. Saint Michael is i of the seven archangels, him macrocosm i of the three mention in the Bible. He is the leader of the army of beau ideal during the Lucifer upraising.It is said by pope Gregory the Great Whenever some act of wondrously power must be performed, Michael is sent, so that his action and his name may practice it clear that no one hobo do what God does by his superscript power. Saint Michael is one of the principal angels. In Latin, the word Angel means messenger, much(prenominal) as a Jeanne-Nicole Saint-Laurent, who take in her doctorate in religious studies from Brown University in June 2009, has been named ass istant professor of religious studies at Saint Michaels College, starting this fall semester. Dr. Saint-Laurent was a junior fellow at Dumbarton Oaks interrogation Library in Washington, D. C. , for the 2008-2009 academic division where she researched and completed her dissertation, coroneted Apostolic Memories phantasmal Differentiation and the Construction of Orthodoxy in Syriac missioner Literature. A specialist in archaeozoic Christianity Christianity in juvenile Antiquity and Syriac Studies, Dr. Saint-Laurent result be training Eastern and oriental person Orthodoxies and archaean Christianity this semester, and probably Christianity, Past and model next semester.Dr. Saint-Laurent earned her bachelors degree summa come laude in religious studies and classics from Gonzaga University of Spokane, Wash. , in 2000. She earned a masters degree in early on Christian studies from the University of Notre Dame in 2002 with a thesis titled The Vita Tradition of Ephrem the Syri an a Hagiographical and Theological Analysis. She was a Fulbright pupil in Austria in 2002-2003, studying at the Theologische Facultat of Salzburg University on a project titled Christianity in Late-Antique Austria A Social History. I see myself as starting a new journey that I keep always wanted to take-its been my dream really, Dr. Saint-Laurent said about coming to a college like Saint Michaels. I feel actually grateful to be here, especially for the all the nice people. She said her goal was to teach in a small Catholic college where she could work closely with students on texts from the ancient Christian world, and continue her passion for research.I hope to instill in my students detainment of Eastern Mediterranean Christian cultures and history, a greater knowledge of the early Christian church, she said. I heard about Saint Michaels from my father, a French Canadian, who grew up in the Northeast, and always spoke of this special itsy-bitsy college in Vermont, she sai d. Dr. Saint-Laurent has published a coauthored essay, Tools of the mess Instrumenta Studiorum, in the book Oxford Handbook of Early Christianity (2008), and a solo-authored essay, Early Christianity in Late Antique Austria Eugippius and Severinus, in Studia Patristica (2006). She has published a book review in apparitional Studies Review, and six reports on conferences in Hugoye journal of Syriac Studies (four reports), E-Gorgias, and Syriac Dialogue.She has presented papers at 18 conferences or scholarly meetings, many for the Patristic troupe or Syriac conferences. She has also given legion(predicate) talks to community groups, church gatherings and retreats on such topics as Early Christianity, effeminate Mystics in the Medieval Church, History of Monasticism, Saints end-to-end the Ages, Martyrs and Monastics, Women in the Early Syriac Church, and more. Dr. Saint-Laurent, a house physician of Winooski, has run four marathons and loves running. She is also a classical sing er and hopes to get snarly with a choral group.Saint Michaels College is a typical Catholic liberal arts college that provides an program line with a social conscience, producing graduates with the intellectual tools they subscribe to lead a successful, purposeful spirit that will contribute to peace and nicety in our world. Founded in 1904 by the fiat of St. Edmund and headed by President John J. Neuhauser, Saint Michaels is identified by the Princeton Review as one of the nations Best 371 Colleges, ranking as 9th among institutions in Quality of Life and second in Town-Gown Relations.It is one of only 270 colleges and universities nationwide, and one of only 20 Catholic colleges, with a Phi Beta Kappa chapter on campus. Saint Michaels has 1,900 undergrad students, some 250 graduate students and 100 international students. In recent years Saint Michaels students and professors have received Rhodes, Woodrow Wilson, Pickering, Guggenheim, Fulbright, National skill Foundatio n and other grants, and its professors have been named Vermont professor of the Year in four of the give-up the ghost nine years.The college is currently listed as one of the nations Best Liberal Arts Colleges in the 2009 U. S. News & World say rankings. Saint Michaels is located just outdoors of Burlington, Vermont, one of Americas top college towns. 2011 Saint Michaels College wizard Winooski Park, Colchester, Vermont, USA 05439 802. 654. 2000 Privacy Policy meshwork site Powered by ActiveCampustm software by Datatel

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