Saturday, February 9, 2019

Born Of Different Cultures Essay -- Cultural Identity Essays

Many of us drop dead on the hyphen of Different purifications. This statement by Richard Rodriguez is true from gayy an(prenominal) people in the introduction today. But what factors hold the identification with glossiness and a nation? The various factors that define a culture argon the mood people see a cultures attitude, family values, religion in the family, and the introduction of your family. At the present time the people of the world are genuinely stereotypical, this is one of the many ways to misinterpret people of a contrary culture. To best understand a culture you should take the time to take over their way of life to really appreciate their culture.The first factor, which contributes to the identification with a culture and a nation, is a culture attitude towards outsiders. In Canadians What do they want? written by Margaret Atwood, it tells of Americans attitude toward the Canadians as a lesser person and their need to be liked by others. The Canadians are looked at as inferior because after WW II, American business owners went into Canada and took over almost of their businesses. Some Canadians hate Americans for this because they waste taken their own identity apart from Canada. In The Arab World by Edward Hall, he uses hidden dimensions and proxemic patterns to show how the Arab culture presents itself. I moved my body in such a way as to communicate annoyance. Strangely enough, instead of moving away, my actions seemed only to pass on him, because he moved even closer.(p.201) This statement shows how an Arab man makes an American man nervous by getting to close. But what is too close? In the Arab culture closeness is a sign of 2respect, but in American culture closeness is only for people who are affectionate. other example of attitudes in culture is in the story Some Reflections on American Manners by Alexis de Tocqueville. Tocqueville argues that American have no canon of behavior and also has too much mobility in their a ctions. Through his audition Tocqueville uses the example that America has turned into an Individualistic Society and have undo the Aristocratic way of life with the new idea of democracy. The attitude of an insider of a culture is seen differently than what the visitors of that culture see. This view f... ...en their child is growing up in a neighborhood where they are the majority they can bring out with them more than easily. But when they move into a new neighborhood where they are the minority, they are usually picked on and have lower self-esteems. Trying to determine with a culture is a hard task to do for the children of the world today. Trying to find an identity for a child is an important matter while growing up.In conclusion I believe that the factors that contribute to the identification of a culture are attitude, family values, religion, and the origin of your family. I was brought up non to stereotype my parents put me in a school where on that point were div erse cultures. I 5made many friends of different cultures and that has helped me to this day. macrocosm able to identify with a culture better helps you to understand why and how the do things differently than you do. Most people are afraid to attain something new but when learning a new culture and not having a basis against it makes other cultures more interesting. I believe having more influence from many cultures make you a better person because you have the view of many, not just a few, or just one.

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