Sunday, February 24, 2019

Impact of AIDS/ HIV

These days, the acquired immune deficiency syndrome/ human immunodeficiency virus epidemic is one of the most lethal wellness crises. As yet, thither were 22 million good deal died, 42 million of people argon infected by support. Although professionals nowadays have discovered vaccine for AIDS/ human immunodeficiency virus, but on that point still will be over 40 million people would die because of human immunodeficiency virus. In many countries especially Africa, AIDS epidemic is spreading seriously bringing illness, death, suffer and poverty. The epidemic has oblige a heavy burden on families, communities and economies.The misery and devastation already caused by HIV/AIDS is enormous, but it is likely that the future furbish up will be even greater, as the list of significantly bear upon countries continues to grow. It is difficult to predict with certainty the future course of the epidemic. There argon several impacts on HIV epidemic, such as demographic impact, households a nd families, firms, health systems, education and sparingal growth. The epidemic has caused destructing demographic impact especially Africa. community have upset their life and significant lost of population.According to linked Nation populations investigation, there will be more than people lost their life cause of the epidemic coming decades. Although impacts of the HIV epidemic in countries other than Africa are relatively average and transmittance rate is lower, but the population losses are still enormous. Professionals judge HIV epidemic might cause 31 million people died from India and even 18 million people died from China by family 2025. Besides, the epidemic similarly affects households and families.Households and families bear the most burdens, because they play important roles dealing with the disease and its consequences. Households who rely on patients as breadwinner will face pecuniary difficulties referable to loss of income and huge amount of medical e xpenses. As infection of HIV is most common among young adults, thus the family structure also will change rapidly. In several affected countries, the percentage of young-bearing(prenominal) headed households or even households headed by young orphan increases.When a family subdivision dies due to HIV, the family may be disintegrated children might have to be move to the orphanage or even forced to fend for themselves. Until course of study 2001, there were 14 million of children who were under 15 years old died due to HIV or have lost their parents because of HIV. 11 million kayoed of 14 million children live in sub-Saharan Africa. In year 2010, expert predicted the figure of children died due to HIV or have lost their parents might increase. Furthermore, HIV epidemic also caused countrys scotch difficulties especially weak economic countries which are prevalent with the epidemic.Studies have been move to model the impact of the epidemic on epidemic growth in several highly affected countries. Estimates of the impact of AIDS on economic performance re usually not considered as social gravid loss or damage to long-term accumulation of human capital, because HIV have affected education, nutrition and health in a straight and indirect way. Well beyond the time frame of most economic analyses, the effects of lowered investment in the human capital of the jr. generation will affect economic performance for decades to come.

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