Monday, February 11, 2019

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medicine has been around for thousands and thousands of years. The cave man had originally started some type of sounds in which branched off into the euphony that we listen to today. This prehistoric music was started by the cavemen in order for them to pull out themselves, and the others who listened were bear on in the same way that plurality argon affected by music today. For example, if someone is upset they go away listen to something that will get them into a better mood, perhaps something mellow or soft. If they argon happy, they will listen to something that is more energetic, and so on. After I interviewed quad sight-- mates and family--I set up out what type of music they listened to when they are upset, angry, or calm. Music touches peoples souls, and gets the best or worst out of them. My friend Kyle said, When I am in a bad mood I listen to basically rap because it gets me hyped up to where I want to dance. incrimination lets me get into a better mood where I can lead the problem or what I was mad at before. He continues, No other music affects me as much as rap does because rappers do everything they have into their songs, but that is only my opinion. Kyle has listened to rap since he was 13, and he in truth got me interested into it. I never liked rap until I started to flux out with him, and I am now starting to enjoy it because of its transformation that is involved in do the music. Each rapper has their own interpretation of the world, and they express it through their music. -2-Not all rap music is favourable according to a Texas widow, who filed a lawsuit against Tupac Shakur. Her husband, a Texas state trooper, was allegedly shot to death by a man who stole a car. In the mans car a Tupac tape was found in the cassette player, and Tupacs music was allegedly to blame (Damean). Some people tend to take music too seriously, and end up making mistakes, and they have to suffer the consequences like that Texas man. Those people, who take the music too seriously, are not stable, and the music brings out the worst of them. On the other hand, people like Kyle have no problem with some of the lyrics that some rappers control into their music, and end living happily with society.

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