Friday, February 1, 2019

Pawnbroking in the Victorian Era Essay example -- Victorian Era

Pawnbroking in the Victorian EraPleasant Riderhood was an unlicensed pawnbroker, guardianship what was popularly called a Leaving Shop, by lending insignificant sums on insignificant articles of property deposited with her as security. The Leaving Shop was set up by Pleasants mother before she died (Dickens 345).PawningTo pawn goods was an easy, judicial way to get cash. The shops were maintained to help people hide their hocking habits. umteen shops had the entrance at the back of the building (Pawnbrokers). Pawning showed how desperate people were for capital because the pawning business only provided temporary relief. The pawnbrokers lend bank notes on Goods honestly come by at five per cent., and which they sell if not redeemed (Poovey 240).Employment in the Pawnbroking Business (1871) * men=49 women=79 * Figures also include shopkeepers and dealers (The economy) The Pawnbrokers ShopThe pawnbroker had trinkets and expensive jewellery, epoch the more humble money-lend er boldly advertises his calling, and invites observation.Dickens described...

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