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Differnent types of document creating software Essay

Layering when within the corresponding charge you level images stacked on illuminate of each other Template- a regulation document with pre- mold layouts and formats. Justification adding extra spaces to text to align the edges so that the lines begin / end at the same place on a page . You bay window left / right / centre / fully reassert Orientation which way the page is orientated landscape or delineation Wizard- a user interface which presents the user with a sequence of talk boxes which guide the user through the task . Font style- a set of printable /displayable text character/s in a limited style and size.Footer an area set aside at the nookie of each page Mail merge a word impact feature that allows users to personalise garner with names/addresses from a database clear-authoring software a nett authoring package that is designed to allow you to create web pages and web sites Resizing alter the size of an image Rotating moving Shearing putting devil i mages to outfoxher to institute an optical illusion Cropping removing parts you dont want Editing- changing or correcting 5 features of a PPT that could NOT be used in a written report 1. Audio 2. Images.3. undecomposed 4. Colours 5. Animations Spell check is used to highlight incorrect spellings so they can be corrected . Compares words immortalizeed with words in a dictionary. After spell check the documents like needs to be proof-read because blush if the spellings are right , the sentence may non make sense. 3 features of web authoring software you could use to create a website Creating headings and subheadings Inserting links Views standard (similar to word processor screen) , code view (HTML) , Split view (Both views) shipway to transfer images from a database to a websiteCopy and pasting Importing CAD stands for figurer aided design . It is the use of technology for designs . It is usually used by architects . Buildings can be designed using it. CAD advantages You ca n be more accurate than hand drawing You can save/ burn ideas so its easier/cheaper to modify You can edit existing ideas which saves time. follow 3 features of DTP software that could be used when designing a brochure 1. Text- can be styled using fonts and colours 2. Background colours- can be changed for blocks of text/images. 3.Page layout templates- each page can have the same layout. Describe 3 features of a website that enable customers to purchase goods online Theres a shopping cart where you can add all your items and in that respects a total sum Theres an pickax to set up an account this is so returning customers do not need to re-enter information Between the retailers website and the bank the payment is make , the data is encrypted. Describe 5 features of word-processing software you might use to make the information clearer text wrapping the text can be staged an image so its easier to read.Bold Italics Underlining text Colours Web 2. 0 is the point at which the Internet became truly interactive, with users becoming the virtually important component of many sites. This benefits as they are able to get Greater knowledge and better marketing. Applications that use this are RSS and Twitter. Describe how you can use ICT to create and use charts when presenting data from a spreadsheet. You can enter all your information into an excel document with all the headings along the top and the information in rows below.Then you select all the cells containing information and go to insert and then select the chart you want. Once the chart has been added in you can go to chart design and modify the chart . What is the around suitable type of software for each of these task Write a letter to customers word processing software Create a tract about tennis lessons- DTP Create a web page that allows customers to place orders online- Web Authoring Software Editing digital images graphics software Storing learners details- Data handling softwarePresent inf ormation to gross revenue staff presentation software Produce a mail-merged series of letters Database CAM- Computer aided design is a software used by engineers and architects to control machine tools in the manufacturing of work composings. You can create a precise drawing on CAD and then make that 2D design physical by using CAM to make the object. Show trailer only The above preview is unformatted text This student written piece of work is one of many that can be found in our GCSE Communications section.

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