Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Oil In America Essays -- essays research papers

Oil in America          America has m both problems with its environment. The facts argonclear that most corporations wont develop the blame for them. These companies tryto find meanss out by stating that they are not the ones responsible for theseproblems. They try to protect themselves from the mistakes they made in the crude exertion and the boorish. The facts are clear that there hire been disasters inthe fossil oil color colour field industry in the gone ten years and they yield out in history.          The article "Myths We Wouldnt Miss", by the Mobil Corporation,states that there hasnt been a major off shore oil disaster in past years.That may be true and it tries to get Mobil out of a mess but the underlying factis that there have been oil spills and pollutants put option into the environment andthat cannot be excused. There have been facts which prove that there have beendecre ases in the fish population and in the aquatic life in the regions wherethe oil companies have been. The negligence of these companies can be sh hold inunlike fields.          There have been many incidents in the oil field industry datingback to January 28 1969, in Santa Barbara. This may have been a long time agobut this was a disaster this country has never seen. On the 28 a well burst onthe Santa Barbara Channel. It "raged for ten days and killed 3crewmen".(Easton,10) There were major problems stopping this passenger car and no matterwhat happened there was already enough damage through with(p). On February 23, the wellerupted again. The environmental consequences were evident. As the oil spilleddown towards the south the amount were staggering of how much oil actually waspouring out into the ocean. By the month of march 3,000,000 gallons of oilescaped into the ocean.(Easton,251) Here is where the story is vitiated by theoil co mpanies. Union Oil, the company responsible for this stated that theirfacts " alone showed 250,000 gallons".(Easton,256) There were presidential testsand discovered the oil company was wrong. The most modify evidence to thesesoil companies was the discovery that was made when the government sent a diverunder the spill to investigate the well. The source showed that more oil leakedthan the oil co... ...panies constitute the impact they have on thepublic and realize they all need the business of the American public. Thecompanies act irresponsibly and do not use the appropriate machinery which isnot up to standard. In my own opinion these companies write out the consequences ofusing what they have. There is no excuse for the problems that they have. human being error is not calculated right and there is a disaster. We know the kindof damage that is done in the marine life. Why do we insist on doing this then?Is there any other way to get the oil here and back? Why do the oi l companiesalso try to cover up for the damage that they have done?          The Mobil Corporation states its facts well. Every companyshows that their facts make sense and gets them out of any trouble that theymight be in. They have cited sources in research books and in the articlementioned in the beginning. These sources are all well and good and they take upthese facts to protect themselves from the truth. It is not something we canpull out of by excuses, but by facing it head on and making it easier on ourplanet and those who will be there for years to come.

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