Friday, March 15, 2019

people are shaped by environment Essay example -- essays research pape

People be Shaped by Their Environment     For a long time, people keep up argued over whether an individuals behavior is controlled solely by their environment. Their experiences, and the people they grow up with shape the musical mode they behave as people. People teach others ways of acting and thinking that are kept for the rest of their lives. In fix Twains, Puddnhead Wilson, the characters live in a society that criticizes the way they live their casual lives. The towns expectations, opinions and values affect their personalities. For these reasons, environment is the driving force shaping the way individuals live.     chamber, who grows up in an environment of discrimination and abuse, turn overs ashamed and insecure ab come forth(predicate) himself. For example, because Roxy swapped Chambers and tomcat, therefore switching their environments            tomcat got all the petting, Chambers got none. tomcat got all the delicacies,                Chambers got mush and milk, and clabber without sugar. In                     consequence Tom was a sickly child and Chambers wasnt. Tom was                "fractious," as Roxy called it, and unconditional Chambers was meek                and docile (41). The slave system insists that because Chambers is " benighted" he must be treated differently from those who are not . The punishment Chambers receives emotionally scar his thoughts and causes him to act inferior. In addition, when Chambers finally finds out his true identity, "The real heir suddenly lay out himself rich and let go of, but in a most embarrassing situation. He could neither read nor write, and his speech was the                     basest dialect of the Negro quarter" (166). The effects of his damaging childhood have now affected his capability to become the successful man he could have been. Although Chambers is now free from slavery, with... been many a day now                since she had ventured a caress or a fondling epithet in his quarter.                     Such things, from a "n-----," were salacious to him, and she had been                warned to keep her distance and remember who she was (44). Toms overpowering lifestyle causes him to believe he has the right to beat on Roxy. Tom was taught to believe that he has the function over "n------", which has an affect on the way he treats his slaves. In addition, Tom intends to humiliate Puddnhead Wilson by bringing up his unusual hobby in front of the Capello twins asking           Hows the Awful Mystery flourishing these old age? Wilsons got a scheme                for driving plain window glass out of the market by decorating it with      

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