Thursday, March 28, 2019

The Aurora Borealis Essay -- physics space

The forenoon Borealis is made when storms on the the sun condition solar winds, or large streams of charged particles streaming toward the earth.These streams could have upwardly of ten million megawatts of electrical power. That is enough power to light up Los Angeles. It generally takes about three days for these streams of particles to reach the earths upper atmosphere, or ionosphere. When these charged particles hit the earths atmosphere, they excite the atoms contained in the atmosphere. These excited atoms have a higher energy state that usual and so want to travel back to a more normal energy state. The excited atoms infract glowering excess energy in the form of heat, or the mooring of the Aurora Borealis, light. The trillions of excited atoms give off enough light so that we can see the light from where we live on the ground, 43-200 miles above us.The Aurora Borealis is most often seen in a striking green color, unless it also occasionally shows off its many coloris e ranging from red to pink, secular to purple, dark to light. The reason that the first light is seen in so many colors is that our atmosphere is made up of many different compounds like group O and Nitrogen. When the charged particles that come from the sun hit the atoms and molecules of the Earths atmosphere, they excite those atoms, giving off light. Different atoms give off different colors of the spectrum when they are excited. A familiar example is the Neon lights that we see on many commercial enterprise signs in our modern world. The Neon lights contain the gas Neon. These lights have electricity run through them to excite the Neon gas. When the Neon is excited, it gives off a brilliant red-orange color. The Neon lights are the same idea as the aurora, lonesome(prenominal) on a lot smaller scale.Different ga... ... as a fib from Scotland, tell of battles in the sky with showers of red argument. A story from the Northern Hebrides attributes the aurora to supernatura l beings called Blue Men. During an active display of the aurora the Blue Men are called the Merry Dancers also known as na fir chlis (Gaelic for quick, nimble men). When the aurora moves rapidly, there is believed to be a battle going on between clans. The red light was attributed the the blood spilled during these battles.In Norse mythology, there is reference to Bifrost, or a pair to the sky built by the Gods. This bridges was said to be on fire to keep the Giants out. In Medieval art, the aurora was dipicted as candles in the sky. In Greenland, it was said that the aurora represented the dead playing with the whirl of a walrus. No matter what the tale, they are all interesting and are worthy of reading.

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