Friday, April 5, 2019

Effects of Alcohol Abuse Essay Example for Free

Effects of alcoholic drink Abuse Essay alcoholic drinkism fashion addiction of alcohol it could explain as a soul who could not stop to drink and inclination for it. In fact, alcohol rib green goddess damage a persons health and life. Alcohol would affect a persons mind and body that causes the person did wrong thing. Besides, when a person winoard, he or she might not know what they had done. Which mean, when they are drunk, they could not judge what are honest and wrong. Consequences, there are many cases happened because of alcohol abuse since alcohol would impact a persons mind and cause them loss of control and do wrong things. Signs and symptoms of alcohol abuse Slurred or incoherent speech.Poor balance and subnormality Delayed reflexes persist pain, vomiting and nausea Blacking-out Redness of the impertinence during or after periods of consumption Slurred or incoherent speech When a person is drunk, he or she might not be able to speak fluently. In the other w ords, the person who is drunk might not know what they are talking about because the impact of alcohol. Thus, those people who are drunk are usually slurred or incoherent speech. Poor balance and clumsiness The person who is drunk leave get injured easily. It is because alcohol would affect our brain and cause us drive clumsiness that we could not balance our body.Furthermore, when we could not control our mind and balance our body, we might fall down or bang the wall easily. As a result, the effect of alcohol abuse will cause us become poor balance and clumsiness. Delayed reflexes Alcohol will make people blur and slow down reflexes action since it impairs our brain driver. Therefore, those people who are drunk might not be able to make pass respond immediately since the alcohol effects. Hence, alcohol abuse could cause a person delayed reflexes action. conduct pain, vomiting and nausea The other obvious characteristics of alcohol abuse are stomach pain, vomiting and nausea.S tomach pain might a sign of stomach cancer which cause by alcohol abuse. When this sign occur, it means the cancer already progressed. It is impossible to get cancer easily, only if the person is an alcoholism victim. Alcohol abuse might cause gastritis which is an inflammation of the stomach lining. In a long run, it will become stomach cancer if the person who ignores the sign. Moreover, drinking too much might also lead to solid effect like vomiting blood. As a result, alcohol is harmful to our health. Blacking-out Black-out happened when an alcoholism victim consumed a large amount of alcohol in a long period.Black out is a thoughtful disease in biological that we categories as brain damage. There are 2 types of blackouts. First of all, unfitness to recall any memories from the period of intoxication is called en bloc blackout. Which mean, the person who could not rally at all what he or she had done when they drunk. In addition, the second type of blackout is called fragment al blackout which has ability to recall certain part of intoxication period. It means the person who just can remember certain part of his or her memories when they took a large amount of alcohol.Redness of the face during or after periods of consumption Why people who drunk their face will red? It is because alcohol will enlarge the blood vessels whenever we drink. In addition, alcohol will enlarge the blood vessels until they lose their quality or tone then caused those people who drunk will get a redness face. Furthermore, water in our body and skin will evaporate after a long period of alcohol abuse that cause skin wrinkles. Besides that, alcohol abuse will also reduce the level of vitamin A in our body which is an important vitamin can support skin health.

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