Tuesday, April 16, 2019

Importance of Wearing a Condom Essay Example for Free

Importance of Wearing a Condom EssayThe aim of utilize a condom is to ensure that there is no contact between the sexual fluids that come from a mans penis and the sexual fluids, blood or lining inside his first mates body (vagina or anus). Using a condom prevents transmission of sexually transmitted diseases/illnesses (STIs) from man to adult female and from woman to man or from man to man. Using a condom prevents unwanted pregnancy and allows couples to picture when they give up children.If used correctly, a condom stops human immunodeficiency virus passing from an infected person (who may not know he or she is infected) to an uninfected person. Condoms can also stop someone with human immunodeficiency virus being re-infected with the virus. Without a condom, STIs and HIV can pass from one body to another man or woman. During penetrative intercourse without a condom (in other words, where sexual fluids mix as a prove of contact between genitals), a mans body can pick up HIV from an infected partner or a womans body can pick up HIV from an infected partner.Condom use is always crucial because HIV and some other STIs have no symptoms they are invisible. Another advantage is that condoms delay ejaculation, increase the length of penetrative sexual stuffiness and pleasure. Many people have already contracted HIV. Using condoms correctly can protect them from re-infection and from increasing their viral load. Condoms also keep their partners or spouses safe from infection during intercourse.Condoms, used properly and with confidence (every time) * jakes prevent (re-)infection from many STIs, including HIV. * Can protect fertility (some STIs, with few evident symptoms, can cause antisepsis in women and men). * Can enable you to plan pregnancy or prevent it. * Can help you evacuate anxiety and risk and let you choose health, safe pleasure and to care for your body (whatever sex you are) and for your partners body (whatever sex they are).

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