Thursday, April 25, 2019

Management Information Systems (MIS) Article Critique Research Paper

Management Information Systems (MIS) Article Critique - Research Paper exercisePopular internet companies argon ready for memory board foodstuff listing. This has created lot of activity in the stock exchange. There are three main forces which are driving this activity. First the advancement in engine room is making it very easy to start online business. Second the investors who are backing this activity are young, who fertilize online companies many options to choose from and the hold water factor is the involvement of global participants in general and Chinese firms in particular. The combined impact of these three factors is responsible for the phenomenal growth of internet found companies in last two to three years. There are also reliable and sound companies, who are interested in buying these online companies or their products. For some experts this trend in the market is dangerous as many companies are getting more value than normal. Investors are investing in untested products and impact of regulatory constitution by China is overlooked. If Chinese government starts to put restriction on internet companies then market could go down but like all bubbles it is time for investors to make money. The article is very swell written and the writer is able to present facts and figures along with tables to present the main theme that internet based companies are booming very fast.

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