Wednesday, April 24, 2019

Philosophy of Nursing Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1250 words

school of thought of Nursing - Essay ExampleThe nurses make sure that caring for human beings, cuts across class divide, status, scat and culture.In the fast changing equation of society that has increasingly become multicultural, nursing perspectives towards people or patients, coming from diverse socio-cultural background, becomes vital ingredient of healthcare paradigms. Hence, nurses need to take especial care to deduce the cross cultural values to develop better nurse- patient relationship. They should inculcate positive attitude and cheer amongst patients and their family.In the contemporary environment of advancing technology and globalization, health and environment issues need to be redefined to get a line the challenges of the time. The biological determinants of health like age and genetic patterns are major factors that can be efficaciously met through traditional approach of healthcare system. Medical intervention and behavioral changes are effective measures of s aloon in such cases barring age related illnesses which the early care and change of lifestyle easily delays the process or diseases.The socio environmental factors that are hazardous to health have become huge cephalalgia for the masses. Smoking, drugs, fast food etc are external factors that are widely observed to contribute towards diseases like cancer, stroke, cardiac diseases and obesity. A holistic approach and collective actions from government and non government agencies must be adopted to defecate awareness amongst the people. Understanding and change in social attitude towards issues goes a long way to urge better health related results.My personal philosophy of nursing is primarily focused towards welfare of the patients utilise through informed choice, understanding and empathy that promotes mutual trust and confidence building with the patients. Nurses represent the high prototype of legal, ethical and moral consideration within the precinct of nursing paradigms a nd are equipped with

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