Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Application Demonstration Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Application Demonstration - Essay ExampleA client logs in from the client industry and upon proper authentication with the horde, the client applications IP address is stored by the server and the clients status is made to Online.As such, at some(prenominal) given time, the server maintains two elementary things, the list of contacts of any client (who are clients themselves), the clients who are online and the IP addresses of the online clients.At the client end, the kernel is decrypted apply predefined logic and the online and offline contacts are displayed to the customer in predefined separate formats (the online contacts are colored while the offline ones are grayed).The server receives the message and determines the contact. It checks whether the client contact is online, in which case, a socket with the client contact is opened. Otherwise, the server responds to the client with a Contact offline at the moment, send offline message message.In case a contact is offline, t he server stores the message in its database. Whenever the client contact comes online, the server initially queries the database to determine if there were any offline messages. If there were any such messages, the server relays the offline messages to the client, wherein they are displayed in a separate dialog with the messages being grouped check to the client who sent the

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