Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Great Expectations :: Great Expectations Essays

Great ExpectationsWhat techniques does Dickens use to redeem the characters?Dickens uses a variety of techniques in order to present hischaracters. By doing this it gives us a break-dance and a clearer image ofthe characters.The first technique Ill consider is his use of language which he usesvery well. This technique is used to present his characters veryeffectively. Dickens aim is to show how physically and mentallydestroyed Ms. Havisham is. He does this by surrounding her with imagesand language of death. The phrase corpse-like tells us this. Itshows the audience that Ms. Havisham is half alive yet half dead. Thatshe looks like a corpse. The words corpse-like suggests that Ms.Havisham is the living dead. By using this language it will give thereader an image and cerebration on how Ms. Havisham looks and feels. Dickensalso tells us that she has, a dead lull upon her. This is implyingthat she no longer has sustenance or energy. She looks like as if she isdying. Almost life less . It suggests that Ms. Havisham is very calmand quiet. Dickens uses these words to illustrate that Ms. Havisham isdying and her mental state is or has been destroyed. Grave clothesis also showing the audience that she has an fashion of a persondead. He continues to use this because he is using languages of deathand images of death and by using this it will give the reader an evenbetter impression of Ms. Havisham. Dickens kat onces that nobody wearsgrave clothes apart from people who are dead and buried. It is as ifshe has buried herself alive in the house because her spirit has beenbroken.Dickens also uses languages of loss. The words once white, now chickenhearted is implying she had a prime, and now she is past it. It alsosuggests that Ms. Havishams belongings were once white, now yellowas well. Dickens wants to show the readers that his protagonist hasnothing left, therefore he links Ms. Havisham to the idea of loss,she has lost its lustre, she has even lost her human structure , and pectus had dropped. Her fianc has left her and she cannot carry onwith her life. Dickens is emphasizing that his character has losteverything. She was attractive, bright but now has lost her lifeshine, radiance and therefore is now dull and old. The readers seethat Ms. Havisham is a lost soul and cannot carry on with her life.Nothing would ever lift it up again helps support this. It is sayingthat whatsoever is done she would never recover and she will never be

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