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Homosexuality Research Paper Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Homosexuality - Research Paper ExampleMany primitive peoples believed that with his sow man sends the boy to the most valuable properties - bravery, courage, etc. It was thought that it facilitates the growth of boys and that they passed through the mans strength. Symbolic rite has been the basis of the idea of spiritual through fertilization. In some societies, sexual relations between adolescent boys were considered to be normal and even mandatory throughout the transition age.The oldest forms of homosexuality were related to military training. In ancient Crete, and in 7 BC in Corinth there was a custom of abduction of the boys adult workforce who entered the teenager in a mans union, sexual initiation was combined with military training, after which the boy that has arms was back home. In ancient Sparta every boy between twelve and sixteen must yield an adult patron, military glory of which extends to the boy. If the boy showed cowardice in battle, is punished for his patron. (Burg, 2001, p104)In Athens, the Classical period, when the ancient tradition of male alliances and military fraternity had already been undermined, to the forefront came other values, in particular, emotional closeness. Historians beg off this by the hypertrophy of masculinity in ancient Greek culture and the dependent status of women. The holy person of bed in same-Socrates and Plato are closely linked with the idea of raising the boy and the transfer of view of senior men. In late antiquity, when the motivation waning or it turns out its elusive homosexual love loses its privileged position and is seen simply as a form of eroticism. (Burg, 2001, p104)However, homosexual love was non able to be the dominant form of sexuality. First, it is not conducive to procreation. Secondly, it is marginal in relation to the trigger of marriage and family values. And third, the male community, as a rule, is

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