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The Marketing Mix of Mini Cheddar Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

The market Mix of Mini Cheddar - Essay ExampleThe erect results of the company were because of the good strategy of the company price and product quality. However, the company needed to improve on promotion and the point as it caused the company some problems. The study through the questionnaire pointed out that the company needed to do to a greater extent on its strategies to improve it selling strategy and meet good customer base. Introduction The source of the culture on this part was from Kenilson who is the author of the book, Marketing (Daewin, 2011) .Cheddars are products of baked Cheddar cheese, which are flavored with the British dainty biscuits with granular crumby texture. Cheddars in the present market are sold under the McVities. Mini cheddars came in as a result of diversification of the products by theMcvities as the sales of their unique products started to wane. They products became increasingly popular in the 1970s, which led to the introduction of impertine nt flavors in the market The flavors introduced in include the Marmite, BBQ Beef, Pickle and Mature Cheddar. The new variety of crispier lined Mini Cheddars called Crinkly were also launched .The company strategy is to be the market leader in a competitive market to ensure their sales are laster and have a great customer base. Product quality and price plays a crucial role in the marketing strategy of the company. The company has customers in all categories which range from children to adults. The company products are unique and are of high quality. The company prices are reasonable and affordable to their cu8stomers.However, the questionnaire administered indicated that there is the need to improve on the strategy of promotion and the location of the companys outlet (http// MinicheddarHistory.php). Methodology In the process of administering the questionnaire I had four members in my team, Mary, Paul, and me. As a team we decided to sit down and deci de to design the best questionnaire which we pass on carry research on the cheese brand and establish the concept of Marketing Mix. We came up with 20 closed questionnaires in order to come up with valid results from the respondents. Lastly, we administered the questionnaires on about 100 respondents in Upper Tilley Shopping mall and we managed to receive 80 feedbacks concerning the study. Results and the analysis of the Mini Cheddar The findings on the administered questionnaire were presented in percentage form. Majority of the correspondence to the questionnaire knew what Mini Cheddars and it represented 80% of the population. On the other hand, the number of those who did not know this product completely was 20% of the fundamental samples in the questionnaire. The questions were entirely based on the 4P Marketing Mix strategy. Products The cheese products from the company is meant for several categories of people who include the children and adults and in order to meet the ne ed of these diverse groups of people the company products should be of high quality. On the question on what the consumers look at in buying the Mini Cheddar products, many correspondents to the questionnaire said that they look at quality, which 35% of the total questionnaires administered. 20% of the questionnaires liked the taste of the products, thus making them to buy the product. Still on the product, most of the customers who responded to the questionna

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