Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Group report Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Group report - Essay ExampleWorking together on a theme project however, one learns that the success of the project is not due to the abilities of one man or one woman and that e reallyone must work together in tandem in order to ensure the smooth and successful operation of the project. This is new for many of us and we must resist our individualistic urges and sacrifice or self-centered individualism for the betterment of the group. While working on a group project, communitarianism reigns supreme and we must work together in harmony. Seeking to cover the ship canal in which group work can be successful, this brief research paper will explore in holistic fashion the ways in which groups work best together. Accordingly, we turn to our ever important research question which asks, Despite all the hype and myths about the nature of groups and teams, is it simply a question of ensuring the right mix of skills and that all the members of the group co-operate with each other. Or is this an over-simplification? The preceding question will guide our analysis as we aim to translate a comprehensive understanding of group dynamics and how groups work best together. Our assessment will aim to answer the research question above and volunteer a thorough analysis about our experiences with group work.Working together on a group assignment is not always easy and it takes duologue and a willingness to compromise in order to be successful. As Americans we guard our individualism and sometimes do not work well with others. What we understood very early on is that organizational is key to any group assignment and that while it is important to ensure that the right mix of skills are present within the group it is also imperative that we are organized and plan appropriately in order to ensure that the work progress is smooth, streamlined and on target. We do not know if there is a philosophy of sorts for group projects but we found early on that

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