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Lab work for an 8 week semester Report Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1000 words

Work for an 8 week semester - Lab Report Example This is inertia because the sudden change of speed alters the state of the water inside the glass, which was in motion. d) After walking in a straight line with a constant speed then making an abrupt stop, the water experience turbulence. This turbulence is caused by inertia Questions 1) The observations of the behavior of water inside the container (turbulence) conform to Newton’s law of inertia. While moving with the container, water inside the glass also moves at the same speed. When an abrupt stop or left or right hand turn is made, the speed of the water inside the container is suddenly changed and water resists this change of motion (Nardo, Don, and Ashlee 16). 2) While the container is accelerated towards the left, water moves in the same direction of acceleration and resists the forces that compel it to stop. 3) Another similar example to this experiment is when one is driving a car. The body of the driver will be moving at a speed that is equal to the speed of the car . When the driver makes a sudden stop, his body will continue moving at the speed and he will resist the sudden change of speed. Therefore, the driver’s body will experience inertia, which is the reluctance to sudden change of motion or speed The washers with the larger mass and weight pull the washers on the other side of the pulley. The lighter washers move up the pulley while the heavier washers move down the pulley. Trial M1 M2 Change of M2 Time (s) Acceleration 1 1.4 3.0 1.6 0.51 12.1 2 1.4 3.2 1.8 0.56 11.5 3 1.6 3.5 1.9 0.66 8.6 4 1.5 3.6 2.1 0.68 9.1 5 1.6 3.8 2.2 0.66 10.2 Trial M1 M2 Change of M2 Time (s) Acceleration 1 0.9 3.0 2.1 0.68 9.1 2 1.9 3.5 1.6 0.58 9.6 3 1.2 3.8 2.6 0.81 8.0 4 0.9 3.9 3.0 0.77 10.2 5 0.7 3.2 2.5 0.71 10.0 Newton’s third Law of motion In this experiment, the balloon is tied to a straw in which a string passes through. Both ends of the string are attached to two chairs that are separated ten meters away from each other. The balloon i s inflated with air and placed next to one end of a chair. Observation: On releasing the balloon, it moves instantaneously in the opposite direction while it pools the straw towards the other end of the chair. This observation can be used to explain Newton’s third law of motion that states that for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction. 1. Explanation of observation: The air that was filled inside the balloon was under pressure. When the balloon is released, the air shoots out of the balloon in an opposite direction. The force exerted by the air that moves out of the balloon has another equal and opposite force (the balloon) that causes the balloon to move in the opposite d

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